Kristina’s Whole30 Log. 9 Feb start date.

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Day one is done.

So I might as well say it...I’ve never been 100% happy with my body. Ever since I stopped rowing at 16 years old I found my relationship with food changed and it became more and more complicated to adjust the amount of food I ate to meet the energy needs of my body.

I’ve had some great successes with WeightWatchers in the past and also with generally improving my exercise regime and diet, however  two years ago I changed jobs and life has become very fast paced and pretty stressful since then. 

I’m now living in Spain, and my days are pretty long. I tend to get up around 0630 and try to get some exercise in if I’m not so tired that I can’t drag myself out of bed. Work is 9-7 with an hour long commute before and after (except for work from home days) so I end up eating dinner late and getting into bed even later. Since September 2018  I’ve become more and more aware of the negative impact that stress is having on my diet. I want to be in control of what I eat, I want to feel healthy, and I know that eating real food and making good dietary decisions will help me exercise more, cope better with stress  and generally feel better overall. But I’ve been struggling with how to do this. WeightWatchers doesn’t work over here in Spain and I haven’t seen anything else or heard about any other diet which looks like it might work. It’s also worth saying that I’m a long standing migraine suffering suffer. Have been since I was about 7 or 8, and I’m getting really bored of it. The past year or so things have got worse and over the past six months I’d say I’m in pain around 60% of the time with either a migraine or headache. I like the idea that with whole30 I might actually identify some things that could be causing this pain.

It’s not so much about losing weight anymore it’s about a shift in mindset improving the way that I think and react to feed and creating habits that are sustainable and make sense of my body.

My husband left for China yesterday, he’s working over there for two months, so this felt like the right time to knuckle down and try to make this change happen.

 So that’s it, those are my reasons, and this is day one:


0745 Morning detox tea

0930 MEAL 1: potato and mushrooms fried in olive oil with 50g smoked salmon, a fried egg and half a small avocado. Lady grey tea (black, no milk). Side of a handful of blueberries and raspberries combined

1400 MEAL 2: big salad...iceberg lettuce, lambs lettuce, rocket, red cabbage, cucumber, tomato, raisins, walnuts, pinenuts, chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, raspberries, basil infused olive oil

1800 Countess Grey tea (black)

2200 MEAL 3: beef carpaccio with olive oil and herb vinegrette, aubergines fried in olive oil with a handful of black olives, salt pepper garlic powder and oregano, two satsumas, sparkling water with lemon slices

2300 Chai tea with coconut cream (this substitute works nicely with the chai)

0000 Nighttime detox tea

2 litres of water. 7h 30mins sleep.


Aero yoga - I’m currently trying out lots of different classes with my gym pass. Today was an experience and a half...I’ll leave it there...


Woke up feeling like someone was splitting my head open like a coconut. Not good at all. Yesterday I juiced, I wanted to put a firm full stop at the end of my unhealthy habits. Headache could have been to do with missing my normal two cups of tea...or not having decent food. However I am also used to “weekend migraines”...they’re the best. Took Zomig tablet and cleared up a couple of hours later but groggy for the rest of the day.


I felt good in general today (apart from the migraine that plagued me for the first few hours). I’ve been pretty distracted and busy with various things all day which means that my mind hasn’t been on snacking or anything like that, however I felt full after eating each meal and haven’t felt the need to reach anything extra. my only concern is that perhaps my portion sizes have been too big, however my stomavh was definitely sending hunger signals at appropriate times.



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Day two is through.

I literally spent all day in the kitchen preparing food for the coming weeks. Feels good to be planned and organized but I am now absolutely exhausted. 


0800 Morning detox tea

1020 MEAL 1: butifarra (catalan sausage), fried egg, fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, side of blueberries and raspberries. Lady grey tea with coconut cream (better than black but not 100% convinced

1400 MEAL 2: oven baked hake with parsley, potatoes, red pepper, onion, olive oil, avocados

2215 MEAL 3: pan fried steak (made using instructions from W30 day by day OMG AMAZING) made with clarified butter, iceburg lettuce, rocket, lamb's lettuce, tomato, homemade mayonnaise (also from book, very proud!), half an avocado, side of blueberries and raspberries

2245 Chai tea with coconut cream

2300 Nighttime detox tea

2.7 litres of water. 7h 30mins sleep.


Wanted to go to yoga but ended up going to bed late so couldn't get up in time.


Had a nagging eyebrow ache all day but didn't develop and I didn't take anything


Still feeling positive, but exhausted having spent the whole day cooking. Would be nice to spend some time just chilling out. Other problem is that I've had 4.5 bouts of diarrhea that to do with Whole30? Hoping it'll get better tomorrow!

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Day three. Yippee. 

I was nervous about today. A large part of my bad habits are associated to work. Having a bad day and feeling the need to compensate, distracting myself by snacking during the day. I wasn't sure how I'd get on at the office, but I think I managed it:


0645 Morning detox tea and 5 almonds (pre workout)

0820 Post workout: 1/3 oven baked chicken breast, spinach and homemade mayo

1030 MEAL 1 Hamburger mushroom onion frittata: and a banana. Lady grey tea with almond milk (not bad at all...almost didn't taste sickly)

1500 MEAL 2: Walnut crusted pork fillet from Whole30 Day by Day book and red cabbage and apple salad cooked in pressure cooker. 2 satsumas.

1950 Snack: I was starting to feel hungry, I could have distracted myself but I was about to go to Pilates and I knew that I wouldn't be eating for at least an hour and a half so I had 6 cashews, 1 brazil nut and a pinch of coconut flakes

2250 MEAL 3: Whole30 salmon cakes with tartar sauce: (really yum) lamb's lettuce and rocket and pan fried asparagus

0000 Chai tea with coconut cream

0030 Nighttime detox tea

2 litres of water. 6h sleep.


28 min run (slow, but proud to get out)

Pilates class


Had a pain on and off all day, after lunch it actually got quite bad, pulsating vein etc, but it didn't develop fully so that was good. I nearly took a paracetamol but held back and I was ok in the end.


It took me some time to get out of bed this morning...I spent too much time in the kitchen yesterday and I don't feel like I really had a weekend, so I felt a bit cheated by having to go to work. Got super hungry near lunchtime but I had to wait to finish talking to my husband...7 hour time difference gets in the way a bit, but lunch was well worth it when it came. Also, I felt quite good afterwards, not lethargic. Later I got a headache, but I didn't feel so heavy as I can do sometimes. I got home and had a quick turn around before going to Pilates. I started to feel hungry and could have coped with it but I knew that after pilates, cooking etc it would be at least an hour and a half before eating, so I ate a few nuts which kept hunger off. Experienced first real cravings this evening. Sitting on the sofa watching rubbish TV, this is when I'd normally get up for a square of dark chocolate with salt. I resisted!! But, I do wonder whether that was more out of sheer tiredness...I couldn't bring myself to get up off the sofa and do something about it. Talking of tiredness, it's probably time for bed...

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