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Lorna from Canada

Reintro Day 3 - Remember to EAT!

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Yesterday was a strange weather day - started cool and overcast, ended up hot and sunny. One of those jackets on and off days. Had a bit of sparkling wine (I'd call it champagne but then the French would be after me ;)) as we were toasting an Australia - China arts collaboration at a symposium and, why not?  Well, why not indeed - not worth it - an hour later I was drowsy again. It passed quickly but, this sleepiness is not a welcome side effect of drinking. I knew it would happen but don't like it especially since I am otherwise energetic and feel pretty good. Can I still drink wine? Hmmmmm.

Jetlag has dissipated into the wind - thank goodness - that brain fog is such a challenge! I'm not very hungry often now - I suspect that I am fat-adapted and burning my not insignificant fat stores for energy. I'm also not doing much physically beyond >10K steps per day - today's the day I get back to the gym after 4 months off doing some post surgical healing and post repeated injuries psychological healing as well. Going to start easy... lots of yoga interspersed with weights. Cardio will be on my bike for the time being. I haven't been able to run for 8 months - I'm a marathoner - this has been stressful!! It'll be good just to be more active again. One side note from W30 is that my 6 years of chronic plantar's fasciitis in my right foot has abated! I can get up in the middle of the night and not hobble to the bathroom. I am attributing this 100% as a result of W30 since I have had every possible treatment short of surgery (physio, commitment to exercises, ultrasound, shockwave, taping, orthotics) for it without success then, 30 days of dietary change and it's gone. Amazing!

So, I do have to remember to eat. Not bing hungry all the time means I forget. Yesterday I grabbed a banana and a spoonful of almond butter for lunch - not enough food. So, back to the gym but I have to commit to eating!

No diet changes for a few days - this wine experiment has been sufficient. My hosts are back to work and thus I am more in charge of meals for the week. Should be alright.

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