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What is your favorite way to prepare beet greens?


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I found an astonishingly tasty pile of beets at the grocery store today. So beautiful I ended up in this rather deep conversation with the woman next to me about Beet Preparation For Maximum Taste. Totally rocked.

Anyway, with the greens, I've eaten them raw as salad; wilted them; roasted them. I think I like the wilted and roasted versions better.

But I also got a rather lovely bunch of kale (my regular grocery store was very surprising today in the apparent happiness of its vegetables!) and I'm going to roast that and let the kids go wild over it.

So I'd like to get some ideas about those beet greens. I have a really generous bunch from three rather fat and lovely beets.

I expect some good eatin' in my near future (almost immediate future as a matter of fact since I have every intention of eating a beet as soon as it comes out of the oven in a few minutes).

Thanks in advance!

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I never thought I liked greens until I joined a CSA and got beets in my weekly basket. We just cook them down in olive oil with garlic and a little onion powder and lots of red pepper flakes. We like it spicy! So, so good. But beware...they shrink ALOT if you don't also use the stalks. I got only two half cup servings out of the greens of two generous sized bunches of beets last time I bought them. :)

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