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Lorna from Canada

Reintro Day 4 - a little craving this afternoon

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Hmmm, breakfast was leftover potato salad and 1/2 a sausage that wasn't compliant - had sugar in it (why oh why? It was a country style pork sausage - why sugar???). I knew it had sugar in it because I ate it a few days ago and had no post consumption effect - I'm sure there's not enough sugar in 1/2 a sausage to do me much harm but then I was craving carbs this afternoon so I wonder... I did have a workout today and only had a giant mixed greens and tomato salad with mayo dressing and leftover steak afterwards so, maybe I was likely down a bit in carbs. I decided to eat something - had some watermelon and almond butter and that seemed to do the trick as it's almost 7PM and I'm not that hungry for dinner which isn't for 1/2 an hour. I guess I need to do a proper sugar reintroduction since it is SO HARD TO AVOID out in the real world - UGH! I really don't want to try full on sugar - my dragon is resting quietly and I like it that way and I'm not sure today's little crave was even about that sugar in the sausage or just because I was under caloried for the day.

Having a craving was weird because I really haven't had any except for the first week on W30 when I was missing my wine and then again a few days ago when I wanted meat. Craving a sugar based item (specifically I wanted cake or cookies today) feels weird. In any case, I'm claiming an NSV because I ate watermelon and almond butter instead of cake and cookies and that's worth celebrating.

I've been to market and have a lovely supply of fish ends and other seafood deliciousness to turn into a bouillabaisse (and again, the French are after me for mauling their proprietary cuisine related things - je m'excuse!) so that will be amazing - love being so close to the sea! Vive L'Australie.



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