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Lorna from Canada

Reintro Day 7 - back to the gym and DOMS

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I've been back to the gym this week after a long post operative recovery. I had foot surgery followed by some reignition of chronic hip problems aggravated by gait issues caused by the post operative boot. And, I was more than irritated by it, (but the Moderators won't let me use the language I want to use to REALLY describe how I felt), so, in October, I said "screw it" and stopped working out altogether. Ya, ya - I know that wasn't the smartest thing to do BUT, I got the go ahead to start running again at the beginning of February and it made me start missing my gym/yoga/strength routine and I could not wait to get back at it so, all good right? I've been super fit and working out regularly since 2005 - a 4 month break isn't the end of the world. 


I've been back to the gym. Plus, even though I haven't started running again  - I want to make sure my hip strength is AOK before I start that again - I have a marathon in sight for 2020 - the year I turn 60 - want to make sure I do this right... ANYWAY...

I've been back to the gym - full routine with slightly lighter weights than I was using back in October - leg day on Tuesday, Core on Wednesday and heading there shortly for upper body and, where is all my post workout pain? Yes, I'm taking it a bit easy and I'm stretching post workout and adding in yoga - I'm still spending 2 hours in the gym grunting and sweating and putting myself through the paces but, I don't have post workout pain to the same degree that I always have had it in the past. Typically I am sore within an hour of finishing and am tightened up like a top by evening sometimes needing vitamin I in addition to a hot bath to help me sleep. Yes, I am having some next day DOMS - I am reawakening muscles cells after a 4 month break, but DOMS is different than my usual pain. 

I can only contribute this difference to the change in my diet and the overall reduced inflammation in my body. I will be watching for this pain for awhile until I am back at my pre-break workout level until then - I'm just going to appreciate it and love it.


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