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It's either Dairy or something else.


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So on the 12th (Tuesday), I reintroduced dairy back into my system. Everything pretty much went as expected except for one thing.

During the evening, I was getting a sensation like I was floating when walking around at work. I don't think it was vertigo (because I didn't feel myself tipping over anywhere or walking in zig-zags and such). This really came out of left field, and I just wanted to know if dairy could do something like this, or if not eating enough & close to the template would do something like this. 

Below is what I had for the day.

Pre-workout (8:15-8:30 AM): 1 banana, apple slices, guacamole (w/ sour cream powder)

Brunch (around 11AM): Omelet w/ cheese + hot sauce & salsa

Snack (4PM): Parm Crisps & the rest of the guacamole from above

around 6PM or so is when I started feeling the light-headedness/floating things.

Dinner (7:15-7:30PM): turkey cauliflower rice w/ aminos  & sesame oil, kimchi, kim

by the time I finished dinner, the symptoms went away.

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I have just (thanks to W30) come off an 18 month bout of 'vertigo'. It didn't feel like tipping, and I didn't zig-zag but the best way I could describe it is - that feeling when you're in the ocean, up to your shoulders but touching the ground, and you can feel the waves kind of pulling you around, like gravity has lessened. Sometimes I was lifted up, other times it pulled me down.

If it was anything like that, the diagnosis I got was vestibular migraine. Mine are clearly food related, as they have done with the W30. I used to get migraines (typical ones, not this type) from dairy as a kid and teen but thought I'd outgrown it. I'm very much expecting dairy to trigger it again. 

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