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Starting W30 tomorrow and looking for some support


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Hey everyone! My name is Natalia, and I am a 23 year old from Spain. So today I have decided I am starting W30 tomorrow. I have not given it much thought... I need a change. I managed to do 22 days of it the past january but left it for having some doubts about cravings, I was tense and ultimately an advice about how I should let myself enjoy a little, being tense and fighting myself as I was, I just decided to give up. If I could change sth about those 22 days to do different would be not obsessing so much about it, about what I am eating, planning, food, if I am doing it perfect... cause I can do it. Hopefully it feels easier and different this time. I really hope I can do this and manage to finish as a first step to take my health back, feel more peaceful and confident and know myself better. I have been dealing with binge eating and overeating, so that´s a thing I want to overcome during this period too. Maybe someone can relate... I have been reading a book called "Brain over binge" that tells me I am in control and I don´t have to fight the urges to binge, just ignore them, know that I am in power to chose, and that way create new habits and neuronal... paths? yeah. So I am here cause I think sharing this experience with you and getting some motivation and support could really be helpful, joyful and empowering. I really want to share this with someone. Feel free to share here where are you in this journey, what you think about it, if you have advices or personal experiences... everything is welcome and I really wanna know. How are you tracking your progress, by the way? Do you set expectations before starting or just see what happens? In case you do, which ones? 

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