Reintro Day 10 - AVO TOAST! I love avo toast!

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Search Avo Toast on Google and you'll find endless "recipes" for it and even claims of "Best" - LOL Smash some avocado on a piece of toasted bread and add anything you like and you've got heaven on a plate. So, my reintroduction into grain was full on. Let's toast some of this amazing bread from Dough at the Adelaide Central Market (that's for you Schrod) and make AVO TOAST (did I mention I love it so much???) Started with a swirl of Coriole winery olive oil on the toast. Smashed the avo on top then sliced some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes over that. Some cracks of pepper, a sunny side up Kangaroo Island egg on top with a sprinkling of Murray River salt flakes - it's an Australian love feast! Nom nom nom...

And, nothing! No bloat, no pain, no gas... followed it up with a burger for dinner and, again, no bloat, no pain, no gas, nada. I'm back doing the compliant thing for a couple of days BUT, I am very excited that, fingers crossed, gluten doesn't seem to bother me. YEAH. I'm looking forward to reintroducing soft cheese in a few days because I think that toast would have be elevated a notch with some Woodside Monet (I think I've made as many SA references as I can Schrod - your city's/country's food story is OFF THE CHARTS!).

Off to the beach!




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18 minutes ago, Lorna from Canada said:

@SchrodingersCat Schrod - you clearly didn't see this post - I went FULL ON SA for you here :)

OH!! I did miss this! You're such a South Aussie now!!! :D

What a gorgeous sounding food day! I love South Australian food and wines, you're making me homesick!! So happy for you that gluten is all good. I'm hoping for the same result!!


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