Started Whole30 Postpartum on Feb 10th!

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Hello!  I started my most recent Whole30 on February 10th and am very excited to be joining the forum!  I've done several rounds of this in the past, but I just had a baby on January 12th, so I am looking to get (and hopefully also give) some additional support.  I've always done the program exclusively with a group of friends working together to support each other, so I am very excited to have the larger group to lean on for questions and help.  I was going to wait a little longer to start the program this time, but I am sick of feeling so poor and am ready to get my tiger blood back!!  The first week was a little more difficult than I remember, but I am exclusively breastfeeding and still working on the meal planning/food intake adjustments that go along with that.  I'm so glad that I will have this larger forum for questions that come up and also to give any help that I can to others in the group!

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