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This is my first time posting, but my 4th round of Whole 30. My husband is doing it with me this time and he’s finding it difficult to get in “enough protein”. He’s a firefighter, spends his days off in the woods, plays hockey,  and workouts out (Tabata, Lifting, HIIT) 4-6 days a week. He’s VERY active! When we’re eating more of a flexible diet he includes protein powder and bars in his diet, along side 5-6 eggs a day, bacon, and then lean meats with lunch and dinner. He usually aims to consume between 120-135 grams of protein. He’s concerned that his protein intake has drastically decreased. Anyone have ideas on how to add in additional protein? Go to snacks? Thanks!

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Like @Babsie95 said above, let us know what he's eating and we can give you better feedback.

There's no reason he can't have as much protein as he needs. He should be having, at a minimum, one to two palm-sized portions at each meal, the size of his palm, or when eggs are the only protein in a meal, he should have as many whole eggs as he can hold in one hand -- as a 5'4 female, for me that's 3 or 4, if he's a big guy it could easily be 5-6, maybe more. And again, those are minimums, if he needs more, he can have more, though he should also be eating vegetables and fat at rach meals as well. When he works out, he should have post-workout food including protein and maybe some starchy vegetable, and depending on when he works out he may also need pre-workout food which would be protein and fat. Those would be in addition to his three meals each day. And if he has very long days, or he's just extra hungry, he can have a whole extra meal if he needs to -- he is certainly active enough that he needs more food than someone with a sedentary office job.

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I was worried about this as well since I work out every day and sometimes twice a day! I’m on day 11 of my first whole30 and have been experimenting with different options to get the protein I need.  I just discovered this two days ago- I put whole30 approved protein (it’s egg white protein and literally the only ingredient is egg whites) and I mix it in a shaker bottle with nutmeg and water and ice. I then add it to my iced coffee throughout the day. It’s perfect- it not only takes my coffee more tasty but after I finish the shaker full and maybe 1-1.5 cups of iced coffee I’ve had 20g of protein. Hope this helps, I was pretty stoked about it :)

oh also, I just got fresh shrimp today and baked them (took ten mins) and put them on ice and made some compliant cocktail sauce for a really quick high protein snack or post workout! Let me know if this helps!

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