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Day 15... arms are breaking out?

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Today is day 15 & excited I'm reaching the halfway point.  

My routine is generally this:

Wake up. 1 cup of coffee with Whole30 compliant almond creamer.

3 set's of 10 pushups, followed by 30 min on the elliptical with an avg heartbeat of 160bpm, followed by 75 situps.

Post workout meal.  3 scrambled eggs, with kale and mushrooms + 1 avocado + 1 small sliced apple

Lunch, i usually grab an approved Larabar and/or EPIC Jerkey

Dinner, Whole 30 approved

Drink 2-4 La Croix a day...  probably not enough water but I've never been a water / significant daily liquid drinker.

Everything has been going great until about day 12, i started to noticed that my armpits were getting irritated.  I figured this was the elliptical or something.  Next day I noticed a couple of bumps on my arms.  Today I notice quite a few bumps on my arms.  Almost like pimples w/o the whiteheads.   Nothing abnormal on my chest though at 45 I still get some acne on my back so it's hard to tell the difference.   I've not eaten anything I've not had plenty times before.  I'd guess that my almond intake has increased with the almond cream + almonds in the Larabar bars however I've had almonds many times before with zero issues.  I'm on no medication, no new clothes, detergents etc.  

Very frustrating!

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My big standout is: Why aren't you eating lunch? 

Try cutting back on the almond-based products and the Larabars and see where that gets you. You say your dinner is Whole30 approved, but not what that is, so it makes it hard to gauge if you're now eating a ton of something that you weren't eating before. 

I'd also work on switching most of those LaCriox you're drinking to plain water. Throw a little fruit or a splash of juice in there, but you should be drinking predominantly flat water. 

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