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1st Whole30...not a huge lifestyle change so what should I expect?

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I'm on Day 4 of my first Whole30 and decided to do the program to try to help calm my psoriasis. I started resetting the way I meal-planned and ate in early January and didn't experience much of a difficult time with it. I figured I might as well try Whole30 since I already base most meals around vegetables + protein. I've had to give up the milk in my coffee (which I didn't drink daily anyway), cheese (which I ate only occasionally), oats (which I ate a few times/week for breakfast), and soy (which I cooked once a week since my husband is a vegetarian). I went back and read through the timeline in the Whole30 book again and I'm not really experiencing what it says to expect. I'm concerned that I'm not going to benefit from the program as much since I was already eating somewhat similarly aligned to its core values. I know that it might take a Whole60 or a Whole90 to see the benefits, but that will be really difficult for me to sell to my vegetarian husband, who is already getting a little tired of eggs!

I'm also concerned about reintroduction even though I know it's far away. My friend just completed her first Whole30 and told me that when she reintroduced certain things they made her feel terrible (I understand that this is the whole point: the cost/benefit analysis), but I don't want to never again occasionally eat things like bread or cheese. I'm worried that in a way I'm creating more problems for myself in the future, if that makes sense. 

Has anyone else ever felt like this? I'm planning to stick to the program for 30 days for sure, I just want to know that I'm doing the right thing!

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