Soooo sleepy after lunch


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I scanned through the forum and saw various forms of this same question.  I'm on Day 20 and am loving it (although traveling last week was a huge challenge).  But I'm still so sleepy after lunch.  Most days this week I ate chili, cauliflower rice and some sort of salad and fruit for lunch.  One thing I hoped for with W30 was to shake the mid-afternoon doldrums, but that hasn't happened.  (and unfortunately I often use food to "keep me awake" in the afternoon - but during this time, it's been nuts and maybe some crunchy veggie like cucumber).  I always assumed it was too much hidden sugar in my lunch that made me sleepy, but that shouldn't be the case now.  Any ideas?   Thanks!

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You could try leaving out the fruit at lunch and see if it makes a difference. Fruit isn't exactly the same as a candy bar or a sugary drink or whatever hidden sugars you were having before, but maybe it could make a difference? It definitely wouldn't hurt to skip it for a few days and see what happens. 

About the food to keep you awake. Change that. Eat when you're hungry, and if you're not hungry, don't eat. Can you get up and walk around? Even walk to the water cooler and get a drink, or get up and fix yourself a cup of tea (caffeine free so it doesn't affect your sleep later), or if you need to walk documents to a coworker or go check the mail or something where you need to get up and go do something, try to save that for when you hit that afternoon slump. 

And it's an obvious thing, but be sure you're sleeping enough at night. 

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I've found that my afternoon slump hits a couple of hours after lunch if I ate:
- starchy vegetables (anything more than a bite or two)
- too little protein (I need 2 full servings for lunch to avoid getting tired)

Not sure if that helps in your case, but those are the factors that seemed to have the most affect on me.

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