help... day 8. I'm hungry and I don't want to cook

Eryka M

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Help.  I'm hungry and I don't want to cook and don't want to eat.  I know I could have avoided this by better planning, but I've planned to plan and shop this afternoon. 

Any suggestions for how to get quick Whole 30 compliant food in an unplanned situation?



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Two options immediately come to mind... 

  1. Order a "Whole30 Salad Bowl" at Chipotle. I don't believe it's officially a menu item but there are online resources that tell you just what to order! 
  2. Buy one of a handful of Whole30-approved frozen meals at Walmart. 

We've all been there so I wish you the very best of luck! Stick with it and push through. You can do it! 

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Cans of tuna -- not exciting but filling. On a day when I had no time to cook and nothing made, i dumped the tuna in a bowl, mixed it with olive oil and sauerkraut, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Mayo would've neen tastier than the olive oil, but I didn't even have any of that in the fridge. Not the greatest meal I've ever had, but it did the job. And i try to always have a can or two of tuna in the pantry just for times like that. 

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