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Day 30... Not sure what I'm doing for Reintro

Lissa Kristine

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I'm actually going through Day 35, so I have a few more days to figure out my game plan for reintro. I'm leaning towards going straight into a slow-roll reintro for a few reasons:

1. I did not have any major side-effects during the Whole30. Week 1 was a breeze.
2. I have not experienced major benefits from this program. I didn't really have any health concerns prior- aside from occasional acne. No stomach distress. Nothing like that.

The only possible benefits may be a slight improvement of PMS symtoms and feeling a little better in regards to my anxiety, but I also go through highs and lows so I can't necessarily give the Whole30 all the credit. I still had a panic attack yesterday.

Because I didn't have any major changes in the way my body has felt before and after the Whole30, I'm not really suspecting any specific intolerances. I also do not want to eat something just because it's "on the schedule". I want to eat things as I feel they are worth it and decide from there. 

I am going to stick with clean, whole ingredients when cooking at home (including making my own bread whenever possible), and staying away from refined sugar at home. (I will allow some honey and maple syrup in recipes). I am also planning on incorporating the occasional RxBar in my diet and I am looking forward to trying that Cauliflower Gnocci from Trader Joe's (that is SWYPO, but otherwise compliant). I think eating a primarily "real-food" diet at home (with many Whole30 compliant meals) and not stressing over the fact that the barbacoa at Chipotle has rice bran oil seems to be where I'm envisioning my "Food Freedom" journey. 

I have no overwhelming desire to go to Starbucks and order a frappucino (but I can easily see myself passing on whipped cream and getting less syrup when I DO get one). When I eat out, I'm looking forward to picking what I think looks good without worrying about hidden sugar or corn. 

And I'm looking forward to enjoying myself at a small party I'm going to the week after this is over wihout worrying about compliant vs. non-compliant ingredients.

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