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Hi everyone,

I have a log over in the Whole30 log section for my recent Whole30 completed in January-February 2019. I think at this point my posts would be best placed in the Post-Whole30 section. I like keeping some information on what I'm eating/how I'm feeling, so I'll keep posting here.

I've done kind of a sloppy reintroduction so far, but have been happy to return to Whole30 eating after I reintroduce items. I've determined that moderate amounts of wine do not affect me negatively, and that dairy makes me feel...bad. I get bloated and have indigestion. This past weekend I went to a beer fest, and was not compliant in my eating. I felt bad Sunday and Monday, but woke up this morning feeling good. I'm excited for this coming weekend, where I have no plans and will be able to spend some time relaxing and cooking. One goal that has come from this past Whole30 round is to start to move my social life away from things that focus on alcohol.

Anyway, starting today Whole30 - three scrambled eggs, some arugula pesto I made last week, and sauteed cherry tomatoes. I'm going to eat Whole30 for the rest of the week, and try introducing legumes in isolation this weekend.

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Reintro is an interesting experiment, isn't it? I think my biggest problems (so far) are artificial ingredients, dairy and, sadly very much for me, wine. I'm 20 days post a W37 and am eating mostly W30 days because I feel 100% best when I do. I have yet to introduce legumes in isolation - might not get to that for a few weeks yet.

Good luck with your continued experimentation.



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I ate Whole30 for all of my meals yesterday, except for 2 pieces of chocolate after dinner. I haven't been hungry at all for breakfast, and am feeling bloated, so I don't think that will be in my future. I'm planning to remain Whole30 for the rest of the week, and introduce legumes on the weekend. Here are the meals I'm planning for the rest of the week.

Tonight: Sauteed Red Cabbage w Onions, Garlic, & Anchovy - https://nomnompaleo.com/post/2130240592/sautéed-red-cabbage-with-onions-garlic-and with Orange Dijon Chicken legs that I made earlier this week: https://nomnompaleo.com/post/141876852968/orange-dijon-chicken and a starch.

Thursday: Stuffed Cabbage Soup - https://therecipecritic.com/stuffed-cabbage-soup/ - substituting sauteed cauliflower rice for regular

Friday: Jalapeno-Bacon Burger Balls - https://meljoulwan.com/2014/03/10/bacon-jalapeno-burger-balls/ with a veggie and starch

Saturday: Re-intro legumes - Banana w peanut butter with breakfast, chickpeas, tuna, pesto for lunch, homemade baked beans from Cravings-Hungry for More and Teton Water Ranch polish sausage


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  • 11 months later...

Going to start back up here to track what I'm doing post Whole30 round three.

My third round of Whole30 was perhaps my most successful yet. I did it with my boyfriend this round, and we had a really good time together. We both lost some weight, and experienced great NSVs. We finished Day 30 on 1/31, and we've had some bumps already with reintroduction.

Saturday - Plan was to not reintro anything. We got invited to dinner with some friends who we don't see that often, so we decided to go. The restaurant did have a ton of options that would be compliant, but I figured I could remain compliant-ish.

M1 - Didn't eat - mistake #1.

M2 - Had a blueberry lavender hard cider at the movies. I got excited seeing this in the beer store attached to the theater, in the gluten free section, as it's from a brewery local to my hometown. But, I really didn't need it. In the future, I think I'll go with a seltzer or something non-alcoholic. When we got home, I had an epic bar and some olives.

M3 - Dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I decided to get a combo plate with a beef enchilada and a chile relleno, which came with rice and beans. It was just okay - I only ate about a third. Drank beer with dinner - one of my seasonal favorites - Nugget Nectar. Could have just savored one, but I had three.

Went to after-dinner drinks with a friend at a local bar. Drank too much - negronis. Stayed out too late.

Sunday - We had company for the superbowl, and I was planning to reintroduce dairy. I was very hungover in the morning.

M1 - McDonald's quarter pounder and a diet coke - this is the only food that can cure a hangover as bad as the one I was experiencing. Not going to beat myself up about it, but I can see how moving forward, avoiding drinking to excess will also lead me to make better food choices both while drinking and after. This will continue to be a learning process for myself.

M2 - Superbowl snacks - I figured since I'd had the McDonald's, the reintro day was shot so I could enjoy what I wanted. I enjoyed lots of non-Whole30 snacks that contained gluten, dairy, legumes, etc. Honestly, I didn't really love any of it. I could have done with out all of it and been happy. I was overly full and sick to my stomach after eating - I had a cup of hot peppermint tea to help settle my stomach.

Monday - My boyfriend and I took off work (we'd been planning to) and had a ton of Superbowl leftovers in the fridge.

M1 - Ham and cheese sliders

M2 - Stromboli

M3 - Roasted chicken and brussels sprouts with mashed potatoes (http://www.thedefineddish.com/whole30-mashed-potatoes/). This was delicious, and really hit the spot.

Today, Tuesday

M1 - Ham and cheese sliders



I haven't really planned what I'm going to eat this week, which I know is the problem. Our fridge is currently a mess, and we have dishes piling up. I know I'm going to struggle to feed myself well with all of that going on. Here is a plan of action I'm going to work on to get things back in order:

1. Wash dishes

2. Clean out fridge

3. Meal prep egg muffins for breakfast

4. Meal prep chicken salad for lunch

5. Make plan for dinners for rest of week.

One other rule I'd like to set out for myself is to have a plan in place for a Whole30 breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next day if I'm planning to drink. I think this will help put me in a healthier mindset for the future.

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Back again.

Tuesday Meals

M1 - Ham & cheese sliders

M2 - Beef empanadas with guac and cheese

M3 - Teton Waters Ranch mini hot dogs with leftover brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes

Wednesday Meals

M1 - Three eggs, scrambled in ghee, Whole30 compliant potatoes o'brien mix from Trader Joes, ketchup

M2 - 

M3 -

Not totally sure about meals for the rest of the day yet. I've spent 32 minutes so far today doing dishes - still have probably around 30 minutes left to get them all done, then I'll move on to the fridge. I feel better today, at this point, than yesterday. I've been feeling markedly worse physically this week than last, although mental health-wise I'm doing alright. 

Here's a rundown on my areas I was looking for improvement with in my Whole30 - how I'm doing right now.

Sleep - Slept alright last night. I've been letting myself sleep in the past few days, trying to adjust back to my normal sleep schedule. Woke up this morning at 7:08 AM - I told myself I would wake up at 7:15, so that's good. Didn't have the vivid dreams I was getting used to on Whole30.

Skin - A huge blind pimple is developing on one of my cheeks. I feel like my chin acne is getting worse.

Digestion - Not good at all. Way more gas than I'd been dealing with previously, bloating, etc.

Energy/Focus - Okay today, considering. Not tiger blood or anything, but I've been good with maintaining my focus on work, and have gotten a fair amount done around the house so far. I feel a little mentally sluggish, but I'm dealing.

I'm also fairly dehydrated still, from the weekend and its aftermath, so I'm sure that's no helping.

I'm going to include our grocery shopping from this weekend - I've been keeping a running tally of our food spending that I want to keep up as part of our budgeting. I'm counting the grocery shopping on Friday as February, although it was technically 1/31.

Trader Joe's

Sriracha - $2.99

Coconut Cream - $2.29

Spicy Brown Mustard - $1.29

Relish - $1.99

Mango Spindrift - $8.99

Cornichons - $2.69

Yellow onions - $2.99

Gallon of water - $2.99

Jalapenos - $1.69

Frozen vegetable fried rice - $2.49

Rosemary - $1.69

Yellow mustard - $1.69

Apples - $4.49

2 Epic bars - $4.98

Garlic stuffed olives - $3.49

Peanut butter - $1.99

Turkey Summer Sausage - $3.99

4 avocados - $3.49

1.5 liter water bottle - $0.69

1 white onion - $0.99

2 packages NSA bacon - $8.98

Frozen roasted potatoes with peppers - $2.99

Shallot - $0.49

Radishes - $2.99

Unexpected Cheddar - $3.99

Cotswald Onion & Chive Cheese - $5.29

Triple Cream Brie - $3.69

3 dozen pasture raised eggs - $11.97

Salami - $3.99

Total: $105.07


I'll update later with Whole Foods.

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Good Morning -

Wednesday Meals -

M1 - 3 scrambled eggs with TJs roasted potatoes & peppers mix, and ketchup

M2 - Leftover paleo buffalo chicken dip, potato chips, cheese, salami, grain-free crackers. Some Girl Scout cookies

M3 - Detroit-style buffalo chicken pizza, caesar salad

Still haven't gotten to planning my meals.

Thursday Meals -

M1 - 3 scrambled eggs with TJs roasted potatoes & peppers mix, and ketchup

M2 -

M3 -

Sleep - Struggled to wake up at 7 AM this morning. Sluggish start. Slept fine.

Skin - Better than yesterday, things seem to be healing.

Digestion - Still not good. Bloating, gas, etc.

Energy/Focus - Hit an extreme slump yesterday afternoon. Took a nap, and didn't get much done for the rest of the day. So far this morning I'm okay - we'll see how the day goes.


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Here's a review of meals from this past weekend:

Thursday Meals -

M1 - 3 scrambled eggs w TJs roasted potatoes & peppers mix, and ketchup.

M2 - Detroit style pizza

M3 - Leftover buffalo chicken dip, baked potato, sauteed kale

Friday Meals -

M1 - 3 scrambled eggs w TJs roasted potatoes & peppers mix, and ketchup

M2 - Chicken, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts - added cheese to the mashed potatoes. - I remember that I felt sluggish after this meal.

M3 - 6 wings from a local wing place, bacon cheese fries with ranch

Saturday Meals

M1 - 4 wings from a local wing place, bacon cheese fries with ranch

M2 - Didn't eat lunch.

M3 - Five guys bacon cheese burger, fries, 1/2 vanilla milkshake - I'd never had five guys before - their burgers are quite good. 

Sunday Meals

M1 - Scrambled eggs, Amylu breakfast sausage, leftover fries from Saturday - my boyfriend made breakfast. We had run out of coffee and I was struggling to get motivated.

M2 - Didn't eat lunch.

M3 - Homemade dairy-free tomato soup with grilled cheese - My boyfriend requested grilled cheese, and I wanted tomato soup with it. Since I was planning on eating the leftovers later this week, I made the soup dairy free. This was delicious, but I need to remember for the future that 1/2 a grilled cheese is totally great. I had a stomachache, and felt very sluggish after this meal. 

We really didn't do anything this weekend. I felt depressed for most of Friday night and Saturday, and we didn't end up leaving the house either day - which I'm sure didn't help my mood. My boyfriend got us motivated to go grocery shopping Sunday morning, which helped me to stay motivated for the rest of the day. I spent some time cleaning, and prepped our breakfasts for the week, along with cooking dinner. I'll update with some more later.


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Monday Meals -

M1 - Sweet Potato Chicken Sausage Egg Muffins - https://www.maryswholelife.com/sausage-sweet-potato-and-kale-egg-cups-whole30-paleo/ - used AmyLu breakfast sausage in these, plain Whole Milk greek yogurt, and GF coconut cacao granola that I got at Aldi this weekend.

M2 - 3 leftover chicken wings from Friday, cinnamon roll with Nutella

M3 - Patty melt with roasted broccoli

Yesterday wasn't a great day either. I felt depressed for most of the day and didn't get much done. 

I'm going to update my log with the Whole Foods shopping we did last Friday, 1/31 - I'm counting it toward February groceries.'

Olives - $8.35

3 GTs kombuchas - $10.47

Simple Mills Sprouted Seed Crackers - $4.99 - Got these because the crackers I got at Costco are made with almond flour, and one of the people who came over for the Super Bowl is allergic to almonds. These were pretty good - I'd get them again on sale.

Siete Cashew Queso dip - $3.89 - Siete products were on sale for 35% off, so we got some stuff to try.

Siete Chipotle hot sauce - $3.57

Cilantro - $.99

Fiji Water - $2.69

New Primal Almond Turmeric Dressing - $4.54 - Primal Kitchen stuff was on sale for 35% off, too.

Primal Kitchen Vodka Sauce - $5.84

Ground beef - $7.27

Three bags of Siete chips - $9.02

Total - $64.49

This is our grocery shopping from Aldi on Sunday, 2/9

2 packages Specially Select Turkey (not the best ingredients) - $5.98

GTs kombucha - $2.95

Hope French Onion Dip - $3.99 - got this to try

Romaine - $2.39

Orange Juice - $1.59 - my boyfriend got this - I don't really ever drink juice, except for fresh pressed juices sometimes when I'm out.

2 packages crescent rolls - $1.78 - my boyfriend wanted pigs in a blanket for the Super Bowl, and I was going to make grain free ones, but didn't get around to it.

2 packages cauliflower gnocchi - $5.98 - ingredients aren't as good as the frozen ones from TJs, but they are gluten free.

Gluten Free Coconut Cacao granola - $2.99 - this was an impulse buy - it's good, but when I had it with yogurt yesterday morning, I got an almost immediate stomachache.

Cucumber - $1.29

Iceberg Lettuce - $1.19

Sourdough - $2.99 - Dave requested grilled cheese for dinner Sunday.

Organic Whole Milk Greek Yogurt - $5.29

Water bottles - $2.29

Fair Trade Organic Coffee - $4.49 - we normally buy beans from a local roaster, but we ran out.

2 lb grassfed ground beef - $10.58

Total: $57.69

Total for this month so far - $227.25

We're going away to Cleveland this upcoming weekend, and my parents are visiting the following weekend, so we shouldn't need too many groceries the upcoming couple weeks. There's a great market in Cleveland that we'll go to, and I'll get some goodies there.

Eating out last week - Iron Born pizza Wednesday ($55), Big Shot Bob's Wings Friday ($54), and Five Guys Saturday ($31) - $200 so far this month in eating out.

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Tuesday Meals

M1 - 3 egg muffins, yogurt, granola

M2 - Sandwich - sourdough, turkey, prosciutto, dijon mayo, kraut, chips, dairy free onion dip - the onion dip was quite good. I'll definitely buy more of their dips in the future when they're at Aldi.

M3 - Slice of frozen leftover lebanon bologna pepper relish pizza.

I had some thin mints after dinner (maybe around 4), and had a headache before sleep - I looked at the ingredients today, and there's a ton of stuff I'm not really used to eating - HFCS, soy lecithin, palm oil - I'm sure one of those is the culprit.

Otherwise, I felt pretty good yesterday. I know I'm not feeling as good as on Whole30 - less motivated, it's more difficult to fall asleep and wake up in the morning, etc. I actually think my digestion isn't much worse than when I was doing Whole30, though. 

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach
8 hours ago, w30virgo said:

Tuesday Meals...

I had some thin mints after dinner (maybe around 4), and had a headache before sleep - I looked at the ingredients today, and there's a ton of stuff I'm not really used to eating - HFCS, soy lecithin, palm oil - I'm sure one of those is the culprit.

I get headaches when I eat something with soy lecithin in it, too!! I am trying to avoid the Girl Scout cookies and am telling myself they are not with it to me. LOL

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