day 16 and bored


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day 16 and I don't have any cravings at all (nsv yeah!) but that's somehow a bad thing as well as I'd rather not eat at all then think of yet another compliant meal. the food has lost its taste. I'm catching my self behaving like an anorexic teenager poking around the plate not being able to decide if I should take this or that salad leaf. is this now the storm before the tiger blood or what is happening? 

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This is pretty normal, a little food boredom setting in.

If you've mostly been eating the same things, maybe try some new recipes. I find looking at sites like or can help me get excited about food again.  Or if you've been trying new stuff the whole time, maybe think of a recipe you really loved and fix it again or go with a meal that feels special to you.

Whatever you do, be sure you eat at least the minimum sized meal based on the meal template, three times a day. Your appetite will come back, but skipping meals will definitely make things worse, not better.

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Hi HelloKatie!

How are you doing?

I can relate about these foods feeling boring! I've discovered a few recipes that I actually love (turkey chili over baked potato, chicken tikka masala)  and I'm sticking with them.   

What are you eating?   What did you like to eat before Whole30?


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