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2.5 months in...itchy/rashy...help?


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Hi all.  I started Whole30 on January 2.  I've decided to stick with it.  I'm losing weight and I feel fantastic.

However, last week, I strayed a couple of times...and now my skin is reacting.

One week ago I had flour tortillas with an otherwise compliant meal, the next day I had a Zoe's lemon cookie.

On Saturday night, I went a little crazy and had a dish from a Mexican restaurant:  Two pieces of grilled chicken cooked with grilled red peppers, red onions, zucchini squash and sweet corn covered with creamy cheese sauce. Served with rice.

The itching started Thursday and went from mildly irritating on the backs of my legs, to now being more prominent on the tops of my arms & my neck/chest.

I'm back to fully compliant but wondering your thoughts on what may have triggered this.  And how long it will take to work it's way out of my system.  I'm miserable.

Thanks in advance

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I'm sorry that you're having some kind of reaction. 

The thing about Whole30 is that you really need to properly do the reintroductions. Afterward, you can certainly go back to being 100% compliant, but then you'll know what you're in for if you decide to have dairy, or legumes, or gluten, etc. 

By not having done the reintros, all we can do is say that you reacted to *something*. Specifically what that was? No idea. 

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