Dianne S

Starting Sunday, March 3rd

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Woohoo! I'm starting tomorrow, Monday the 4th. This will be my second time doing the Whole30. I absolutely loved it the first round. The mentality I had coming out of it was awesome. Such a great relationship with food. It's been 2 years since then and I haven't been eating real great, at all. I'm ready to get back on the band wagon and give my body a reset. I've been having such a bad relationship with food, ready to fix this. 

My SIL and I will be doing it together, as I don't have a whole lot of support from my hubby. My SIL and I both have 7 children and don't have a lot of time, so we'll be getting together Mondays and cook up a lot of the food for the week to get things prepped. We will also be cooking separate meals for our family as we can't afford to cook Whole30 for them as well. We live in Alaska where fresh produce is NOT cheap. So it'll be a bit of a challenge for us, time-wise, but nothing we can't handle! 

I'm so excited you're starting today. How did it go? How do you feel so far?

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