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Start Date March 2nd.  

I've just had breakfast, and already miss cheese in my omelet..   

SO far today:  Breakfast:  

2-egg omelet (from eggs laid by my own hens), with mushrooms, green onion, watercress, dried oregano.  Cooked in avocado oil, the high temperature variety.  Oh, and a couple mugs of black coffee.  

Lunch will be vegan, with simmered cauliflower, broccoli, onion, green onion, yellow carrots, and watercress.  Seasonings TBD.   

Dinner??? I'd better go pull something out of the freezer!  


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10 minutes ago, mountaincatfarm said:


Okay, pulled 2 ribeye steaks out of the freezer (I purchased a quarter of a cow from a farm share last October).  Dinner will be one of those with a bit of pan fried bok choy, seasoning for the latter TBD, for the former I'm going with the basic salt/pepper/garlic powder routine.  Or I might go with Creole or ras al hanout seasoning (I made both mixtures so I really do know what's in them...)  

I'll probably cook this with ghee, I have a jar of the organic type I can open up for this.  (I'd better confirm this is Whole30 rather than merely Paleo compliant...!)

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