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Good Morning!  Today is Day 1 of my second Whole30.  I had a terrific experience during January and felt absolutely wonderful after 30 days.  As reintro time rolled around, I failed to make solid decisions about what steps to take and found myself falling back into old habits!  So here I am, back in March.  I know that I can get through the next 30 days because I did it before.  I also have the incentive to feel better again.  I have Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and have been on a fantastic healing journey.  Much of the inflammation cleared up in Jan. with the changes I made in my nutritional plan.  I want to get back to that terrific feeling of high energy once again.  So my goals are:

  • Continued success with Whole30 for 30 days
  • Make definite decisions about reintro to be successful in transition
  • Keep the good habits intact
  • Read and follow Food Freedom Forever

This is a terrrific plan for me because I respond well to accountability and the disciplined structure of the program!  So very grateful for all!!

Good luck to those who are "in my boat" with their own Whole30 objectives!  All comments are welcome!

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7 hours ago, DB68 said:

This is a terrrific plan for me because I respond well to accountability and the disciplined structure of the program!  

Hello @DB68

This statement is so true for me! I find my reintroduction to be very, very drawn out because my brain responds really well to "you can't eat that because..." There are lots of "diets" that tell you what you can and can't eat but this W30 way of eating explains so well why you shouldn't eat these foods. Then the correlated physical, mental, emotional wellness that you experience when you remove those foods from your diet reinforces that learning. I have responded really well to the structure and discipline. So well, in fact, that I am still eating mostly W30 days with the rare deviation.

My goal is to lose weight - I lost 10lbs after my first 30 days on the program but haven't weighed myself since. I will be curious to see if this approach of W30 98% of the time (I eat W30 every day but deviate only when I can't avoid it easily. Last night, for example, I ate rice with dinner because we were socializing and that was what was on offer - that was my only non-compliant item since sipping wine at a winetasting on Saturday) has helped me shed another few pounds when I return from my winter in Australia on April 7. I don't want to be restricting calories or ever go back to dieting but I would like to reduce the load on my joints to support my very physically active lifestyle as I head into my 60s. We shall see.

Good luck - sounds like you've totally got this!

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Hi Lorna!

Thanks for you thoughtful note of encouragement!  Sounds like you've totally got this, too!   I am on Round 2, Day 3 of the 30 Days and actually feeling pretty good!  

I like your plan of staying on the Whole30 98% of the time and "loosening up" occasionally.  

I am training for a 5K walk at the end of March and a 10K walk on the first weekend in April.  The 10 K will be during "reintroduction" and a girl's weekend with pals in Charleston.  I will need to prepare myself for I will handle that occasion!

I see you are headed for a decade of 60's and an active lifestyle.  Hooray for you!  I have experienced many changes in my 60's (I am 68) and can honestly say that the challenges do come with rich rewards!  I applaud your preparation and approach, Mate!

I am off to yoga and my training walk .....   Make this another terrific day in your life.

Warm regards,


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Thanks Debby!  

Love that you're tackling at 10k during reinto - good on ya mate. ;)  I just spoke with my BFF back in Canada and am going to support her health goals by doing my second W30 with her doing her first starting April 8. I feel like it'll be a super bridge between Aus and Canada; Summer Downunder to Summer At-home. Already looking forward to it. Personally I resist proselytizing and evangelism in all things but I feel like I'm a bit of a cheerleader for W30. It's been a radical experience for me!

Ever onwards! Keep us apprised of your experiences with #2 - I'll be following.



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