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Faith's first Whole30 and journal, started 1/4/13


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Hi! We've just started this (I say we, because the family is also doing this, willynilly, as I'm the cook and grocery shopper, but at least my husband & myself... my adult daughter does her own thing and my teen.... just say she's a teen). I am trying to do this right; planned out my menus, so had to wait until I got my share from the coop when I volunteered Wednesday morning (I never know in advance what I will get), cooked on Thursday and started Friday morning.

I have a couple of questions:

do you have any suggestions for what I should do when I get stuck at work late? I arrive at work at 7am, usually eat breakfast there, as I don't have time at home (sleep is a precious commodity). I made a pumpkin "custard" for yesterday in advance, (1 can pumpkin, 2 eggs, 1/4 can coconut milk, blended and baked at 350 for 1 hour), topped it with some blueberries and coconut milk with cinnamon. That held me til lunch at 1230 (earlier than I usually get lunch, which oftentimes is at 2pm), when I had ham slices, cucumber, jicama, and melon. That held me until 5pm, when I was really hungry and getting a headache. I'm proud of myself, I resisted the chocolate candy (chocolate is my real weakness) sitting next to me (I moved it), and I didn't eat until I got home and cooked dinner (salmon, spaghetti squash, marinara sauce).

I often don't get out of work until late (7pm+), and still have to come home and cook dinner for my family. I know this will be an ongoing problem, so I need to plan something for it, especially for around 5pm.

thanks for reading and for your suggestions

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Hi there & welcome.

I would say taht you will get theh most out of you whole30 if you not only keep your meals ccomplaint but that they also follow the meal planning template - have you seen this in the book? or there's a pdf in the "our book" section here online.

For example - your breakfast sounds yummy, but is more of an accompaniment to my mind, where's the protein

and lunch - you prob didn't have a large enough portion of protein, and no fat.

Well done on resisting the candy, because you must have been really hungry after such a light lunch.

Dinner sounds good, but I'd add some fat and another veg.

I think once you up your portions you'll be fine to eat at 7am-2pm-7pm, especially if you plan ahead and can re-heat something for your dinner rather than cooking from scratch

Hope that helps some :)

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Day 2, yesterday

Breakfast: pumpkin "custard" with coconut milk, & blueberries

lunch: at a restaurant got a club salad minus the cheese, used olive oil and lemon juice for dressing, really wanted soup cause it was cold and drizzly raining all day, but all they had was gumbo

dinner: beef & sweet potato stew from the Paleo Recipe Book

Day 3 today

breakfast: "super breakfast loaf" (I can't remember where I got the recipe from; somebody else had posted about it here) with marinara sauce

lunch: I made a quick soup in the pressure cooker- from Everyday Paleo, ground pork & beef (that I had in the freezer), olive oil, onion, carrots, celery, green beans, Imagine chicken broth

but then we had some almonds for a snack while we were waiting on going to dinner

dinner I'm a little worried about as we are going out to dinner with friends today, a late Christmas celebration with them, as they were out of town

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Thanks so much Derval,

where is the "our book" pdf? I've read the book, but thought I was following the plan. But that's why I'm posting here and reading the forums

for the breakfast, I thought the egg in the pumpkin would count and that there was enough fat in the coconut milk

lunch, there was some chicken on the Cobb salad and I put olive oil on it for dressing; I couldn't finish all of it; it was too much food. (there weren't a lot of compliant choices at the restaurant)

dinner, what would you suggest I add to that dinner?

thanks again for your support and suggestions

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I made it through dinner out last night! (I think). We had salad with mixed greens, sun dried tomatoes and pears with oil and vinegar dressing; cioppino (although I didn't touch the awesome looking garlic bread that came with it, which was really really hard!) and mixed berries (minus the sabayon) for dessert. We talked to the chef & they were aware of my requirements, so hopefully it was all compliant.

Breakfast today was the super breakfast loaf I made last week with marinara sauce on top, coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch is leftover soup from yesterday as well, with kale chips.

Dinner, I've put a chicken in the crockpot (a la NomNomPaleo's chicken & gravy), plan to try to make cauliflower rice to serve it over and then something green.

today is day 4, and I'm starting to want some carbs, also woke up with migraine....

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Sweet potato and cauliflower help me when I feel I need carbs. They are a little denser and fill you up well. You wont want to overdo it with them but enough to help you past the craving stages. Your headache should go away as you body adjusts to your new food choices. :)

Thanks! appreciate the support

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Day 5, still working on getting the timing and amounts down for the food.

Breakfast: blueberry sausage and carrot souffle from "Stuff I Feed My Husband"s site. Found out that I should've cut up the blueberries, but they still tasted good. Don't think I'll make the carrot souffle again though.

Lunch: leftovers from last night's dinner; chicken, broccoli, I added sweet potatoes and the gravy from the night before,blueberries & coconut milk.

Dinner: Still planning; just got back from errands, (doctor's appt, grocery store), but have a pork shoulder roast in the crock pot, collards I cooked earlier, and plan to cook the acorn squashes from my CSA- if I can find a recipe for it.

I am now the proud owner of the library's copy of It Starts With Food. Found out that our new (less than a month in our home) retired racing greyhound likes to eat books... and he had to work for it- to pull it out from under my stack of printouts from the paleo cookbook to get it too!

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Day 6 was yesterday;

breakfast: found one I like: pumpkin "pudding" blueberries & coconut milk with blueberry sausage

lunch: sausage link, apple and sunbutter

dinner: chocolate chili, salad & sweet potato


breakfast was good; same as yesterday

lunch ... wasn't. I didn't get a chance to eat anything til 5pm, and then just ate 3 oz of cashews, cause my lunch was in the other building across the street and I wasn't done yet. This week however I wasn't starving but I was getting a headache by 5pm.

Dinner: got home at 10pm, hubby kept dinner warm for me; ground pork, bell peppers, onions, spices and sweet potatoes fried into a hash; green beans and salad with avocado dressing.

Still have an issue with work and eating. I only work on Fridays, from 7am to 5pm usually later. I bring meals with me, but in the fridge in the other building, is not helpful...I need something I can eat at work, that I can carry in my bag with me while we are rounding, that doesn't take a lot of space and doesn't require refrigeration.

thanks for any suggestions

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Another couple of days down- Yeah!

Saturday, we went out to eat breakfast and ate at a local restaurant, I brought my coconut milk to use for creamer; we ate eggs and steak and fresh fruit salad; lunch I just wasn't hungry and couldn't face anything, still full from breakfast I guess; dinner: bacon-wrapped hamburger steak, salad, zucchini "noodles" sauteed in a little ghee

Sunday we had breakfast loaf with marinara sauce; lunch was leftover chili and cauliflower "rice", dinner: butternut squash soup (butternut squash, chicken broth, mustard greens, Italian sausage

today was a good day: breakfast pumpkin souffle with coconut milk & blueberries and local no-nitrite bacon, lunch was leftover hamburger steak, jicama, cucumber,and avocado dressing; dinner: pork sheperd's pie with cauliflower "potatoes" on top, and salad. I think we are getting the hang of this; my husband went out to eat and followed the guidelines, even though the person he was eating with was eating all of my hubby's favorites....

I have two dinner meetings this week, so it may be interesting. wish me luck and perserverance!

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this was probably the worst day. its Friday, so no meat. Which means no pre-made breakfast loaf and I'm sick of eggs otherwise, I can hide them in the marinara sauce with that one...

so today I tried one of the paleo nut porridge recipes; it was cashews, pecans and almonds soaked overnight, then pureed with coconut milk and a frozen banana. actually, it wasn't bad, but I don't think I'll make it again.

Lunch was a piece of smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, & jicama. forgot to stick the ranch dressing in the lunch kit. :(

I had a Lara bar at 630pm

didn't get home until 830, and then had to go to the store, cause someone forgot to get the fish out of the freezer this morning...so we had shrimp in garlic butter and broccoli, at almost 10pm at night, because by the time I got it home, got it defrosted, talked my daughter down off the ceiling after her debate tournament tonight, then we got to eat. the store's been out of thai kitchen coconut milk all week, and the other few brands they have left, have "stuff" in them. found 2 cans of light squirreled away in the way back, so bought them.

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wow. today is #19! I've made it this far- and so has my husband. :) over half way- woohoo!

but not too good about all 3 meals/day

breakfast was the leftover nut porridge with blueberries, cause that's what I grabbed out of the fridge this morning running out of the door, as my daughter was late to school; ate at about 830, when I got to work and got settled

lunch....wasn't.... ending up eating two Lara bars and some macadamia nuts at 5pm, cause my lunch was locked in someone else's office and she'd left already.

dinner was at 8pm, ground pork and vegetable soup, salad & dressing

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only one more week to go! and I've made it through eating out for work three times and for family twice and stayed compliant- yippee!

today, had a piece of leftover homemade pork sausage and a Lara bar for breakfast as I found that the family really really liked the breakfast loaf this week; there was only one piece left, (which I gave to my hubby, cause he needed the start to his day; he had a trade show to exhibit at all day starting right after church). Lunch, I took the girls to the barbecue place and had some pulled pork and chicken and salad with oil and vinegar. Dinner was meatloaf (ground pork, onions, peppers, tomato paste, almond flour, eggs and spices) with sauteed spinach (in olive oil with a little balsalmic vinegar on it) and "ice cream potatoes" (aka cauliflower with coconut milk, and ghee, pureed).

Made one and a half pans of breakfast loaf tonight, so maybe I'll manage to get a couple of pieces this week....

have a great week!

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