Post Workout Meal for Early morning workout

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I’m getting ready to start my first round and have a question about a post workout shake. I do Orangetheory or lift weights at 5am, come home and have a protein shake around 6:15 and then have breakfast at work around 8. I don’t eat before the workout. My question is whether a shake composed of compliant protein powder (vital protein collagen sounds like it works), amazing greens and water/ice would be okay as a post workout snack? If not, any suggestions on easy post workout options I can eat on the go in the morning and have breakfast 2ish hours afterwards? Thanks!

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Smoothies and shakes are discouraged regardless of the ingredients.  For why, google 'whole30 can I have a smoothie'. I understand that smoothies have more fruit/sugar usually but if you read our take on liquid food, it stands.

Post Workout snack is lean protein and starchy carbs so you can put a couple bites of chicken breast and cooked sweet potato into a ziplock bag and eat that as you get changed... it really is as easy as that.  Leftovers work well - maybe some roasted potato and pork loin or half a tuna cake and some leftover roasted root veg.

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