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36 Days and ZERO Changes...

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Well, I finished 36 days of Whole30 (22 without soy as I didn't realize until day 14 that my multivitamin contained soy, other than that I followed it exactly). I feel no different. I can't pinpoint any changes in my health etc. I did experience some allergy/excema issues around my eyes, but that's not positive & I can't really blame Whole30 as I've had similar issues in the past. On day 36 I weighed & measured my body (though I knew how my clothes were fitting). I GAINED 0.8lbs and my measurements were EXACTLY the same as day zero. It's fine when people say "it's not about weight loss" when you have other NSVs, but I haven't. My energy level seems about the same, my sleep was fine before, my mood seems about how it always has been, my skin seems pretty much the same, never had problems with seasonal allergies or headaches, etc. (I hope it doesn't seem like I am complaining about being generally healthy!) My belief is that I didn't lose weight or have dramatic changes because I went from eating a lazy keto diet for 2 months and on Whole30 I ate approved amounts of fruit & potatoes every day. I did strict keto a few years ago & had wonderful results (20lbs lost in 6 weeks with diet alone), but after getting too confident & completely falling off I gained it all back plus about 5lbs (I didn't start gaining for about a year after). When I tried keto again, it just simply didn't work this time, some say you have "one golden shot" for it to work (this was just 2 1/2 years ago so it isn't an aging thing). Anyways, I decided to try Whole30 in hopes of repairing my metabolism to prepare for weight loss again, as it felt very broken. I know they say some people may need to do a Whole60 etc but I feel like I wasted 36 days when I could have lost 5-6lbs, at least, focusing on something else (I also needed to stop for an event). I guess I'm just feeling kind of defeated and disappointed and looking for some sort of inspiration or validation. I feel like there's no hope with my metabolism :'-(

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