I need to take pain meds during my Whole30

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Hi everyone!

I am on day 7 of my second Whole30 and LOVING round 2! However, I am athlete and I injured my knee two weeks ago during a half marathon. I am seeing medical professionals, of course, but the pain is still persistent and I have been told to take anti-inflammatories such as Advil and Aleve in order to lower the pain enough so I don't walk with a limp (which can be very bad for my hip alignment. I know that it is better to stay off pain medications during the Whole30 because some of the ingredients aren't compliant, and that it should be taken only in dire situations (like when a headache is really excruciating and won't go away) once in a while. However, I am taking these medications almost every day. I am doing everything else right in my Whole30... do you think the medication will impact my Whole30 results? 

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It's hard to say how much the ingredients in those meds might affect you, but doing a whole30 should still help reduce inflammation and be generally a good thing to be doing as you recover from this injury. 

You should still plan to do reintroductions as well, even though you won't have been completely free of whatever ingredients are in the meds you take. You should get some information about how you react to various foods.

Good luck with your whole30, and i hope you recover quickly from your injury. 

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