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I'm on day 8. I should be on day 22 but started over 8 days ago. I know what went wrong. I had a really hard time giving up tracking and calorie counting. You see, I lost 80 pounds over 2 years with a slow, methodical approach to weight-loss until I hit my goal. It was done in a healthy way, no starvation. I managed to maintain for months but still tracking and making adjustments as needed. Not tracking was just too radical for my brain to wrap around 8 days ago. I wanted to track "just to see" what my calories were and I found I was making decisions based on what I was seeing in my macros and caloric intake. It's really hard to do this program while thinking about calories or macros. I know the books say that. I know this forum says it all over the place. Sometimes I need to find out for myself why a rule is put into place. I crashed and burned on the evening of the ninth day. This time, I deleted the tracking app from my phone and pushed my scale far under my bed so it's not in the  bathroom where I can see it every morning. I also started my written journal over. As I compare each day to my first 8 days, I notice a little attitude difference, too. That's why I decided to post. I'll just put it here so I can come back to see my progress when I'm getting discouraged. This time, follow the instructions.

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Beautiful insight and self discipline @SKUtah. It's very difficult to give up our mindset and those practices that feed it. Scales and tracking calories and nutrients are stressful activities and no way to live. (I once said to my husband, "we can't stop for lunch here because my phone is dead and I can't look up the menu (I was translating menu items so I could make "good" choices) or track it" We were at the most gorgeous cafe on the coast of Italy - I still cringe to think of my rigidity causing us to miss out on that experience.)

I took 5 years to lose 85+ lbs using a variety of methods but mostly tracking and obsessive attention to detail. After a couple of years maintaining (I maintained the loss for 7 years) by tracking, I lost interest in keeping the meticulous record all the time. I was okay for awhile but then weight crept back on. When menopause hit 3 years ago, things went haywire and I regained 30 lbs. A return to tracking and my typical so-called healthy diet (SO well described by Melissa and Dallas in ISWF (pg 56) ) meant I was down to 900 kcal/day and virtualy unable to lose weight - about 2-3 pounds a month. This was not sustainable! So, I quit that and, 6 months later after a very quick regain, I discovered W30.

I lost almost 11lbs in 1 month following W30 to a tee. But, it was REALLY hard not to weigh myself or count calories. I do know that I am eating more heartily than I have in years and I stop when I want to - not because I've put so little food on my plate and put severe restrictions on myself but because I am full. I even eat second helpings if I'm not full. SO STRANGE!

I am probably 30 days into reinto and am eating 98% W30 compliant. I am still losing weight although I refuse to weigh myself. I feel fantastic (like, really great) and I am eating well and I don't ever want to go back.

I do hope you experience a similar result and are able to give up apps and scales for good!

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