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I finished my Whole30 R2 on Feb. 12th.  I lost 5 pounds and felt great BUT totally love the tiger blood I felt being so clean.  I gradually added back sugar (Raw sugar and added sugar in food) .  Then 2 days reset. Then  I added some gluten in the form of crackers and bread. I have also added back alcohol in the form of Potato Vodka. I started out with a Bloody Mary then settled in on a potato based Vodka Tonic.  All was going well. I added back some dairy in the form of ice cream. All is still going well. Then I added back artificial sweetners in my coffee, in my sparkling water, in my applesauce and then the lower GI went crazy! 

My eating has settled into a routine and I am just fine WITHOUT too many grains, dairy, and legumes.  I enjoy one of my 'Tater tonics' on Friday's and Saturday's but during the week I stick pretty close to the Whole30. 

Breakfasts are eggs and veggies and fruit. Lunch is either some form of a salad or soup and a fruit. Dinner is usually a protein, a veggie and a fruit.  Over the last month I have felt great and motivated. Eating is easier than it has ever been with no guilt.  I have lost 2 more pounds over the last month in spite of a few days when i went totally out of control with my grandkids. I immediately did a reset for 7 days and the bloated and foggy feeling went away with the tiger blood coming back.

I am changing a couple of attitudes - increasing activity and just watching my eating. My weight loss expectations are only a half pound a week. I have 9 more pounds to go so I am in no hurry.  I will come back to my blog as time goes by.

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