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Hi. I am considering starting my first Whole30 as a college student and had a question about the pre- and post-workout meals. Sorry if this has already been answered; I did not seem to see it (or I might be blind).

Are the pre and post workout meals in addition to regular meals, or is just the post workout meal in addition? Do I even need one? And should it just be protein and optionally fat, or can nonstarchy vegetables be included? How big should it be?

For context-- I workout 7 days a week, 1 hour a day. Four days are cardio (running and a bit of walking) and three days are weight training (trying to build some upper body strength). I definitely do not want to underfuel, as I have a fairly recent history of an eating disorder. 

Any advice is much appreciated!

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This has definitely been discussed at length so I'll give you a short synopsis and then go ahead and google 'whole30 forum pre and post workout' and you'll find more threads and conversations that you can swing a stick at.

Pre and post workout meals are in addition to the three template meals a day.  Pre workout would be fat and protein and post workout would be lean protein and optional starchy carb (no fat).  You can play around with your pre workout depending on when you ate last, when you work out etc... but for recovery if you've done fairly high intensity or worked hard, you should be eating the post workout... just a few bites of each as you leave the gym or drive home or whatever and then you can have your regular scheduled meal after - the post workout window closes around 30-45 min after you finish your workout so eat the post workout in that window and then the meal after that at whatever time it is scheduled.

As far as the history of eating disorder, good for you for being in recovery for that!  Just a point, please make sure you're watching yourself and using the tools that you have to recognize if it's becoming a problem again and if you need to stop the program or need extra help in the way of speaking with your therapist or counsellor.  For a good article on Whole 30 and eating disorders, you can google 'when your whole30 goes bad' and it should come up.

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