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Month 3 - determined changes

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While I am still struggling to define Worth It so it means something as a decision making tool (As I said to my friend Schrod - it's amazing how something is Worth It in the moment but so totally NOT Worth It at 3AM when its effects kick in...), I have made some decisions that I am now determined will be permanent. Permanence is a strong word so I am going to stick with "determined" to see how it goes over the next 6 months.

No more legumes. I don't even want to reintroduce them. I will miss some of them - I love a sweet corn and black bean salsa with my tacos BUT - my gut is SO much better on the W30 first diet that I don't even want to mess with that by doing a reintroduction of legumes. I can still make sweet corn salsa - put enough chilli and cilantro in it and who would know? So, some determined changes I have made:

  • almond butter replaces peanut butter nicely. I don't gorge on it the way I did PB either
  • coconut aminos replaces soy sauce - I like the flavour of it better anyway
  • baba ganoush replaces hummus - I don't think the nightshade family bothers me that much so eggplants over chickpeas it is
  • no soy lethicin - I eat very little processed food as it is so this is pretty easy

No more milk, ice cream, butter or yogurt. I haven't really experienced too much distress with the reintro of dairy but I do get how unnatural it is that we adult humans consume so much of another animal's breast milk. Being in full menopause, I am aware of hormonal influences +++ and don't think the hormones present in cow's milk are benefitting me. So, determined changes here are:

  • unsweetened almond milk replaces milk beautifully - I  totally prefer the flavour of almond milk!
  • yonanas is my preferred frozen treat anyway - it is not a SWPO food for me - this is an easy give up. I will make frozen fruit pops for the summer when I get home to Canada. i've had a couple of great non sugar added versions while I've been here and think they would be nice to have in place of icecream. I may also do sorbet on occasion if I am confident my Sugar Dragon won't notice - this is a really big consideration since I love how my SD is snoozing at the moment.
  • ghee in place of butter - I love butter (never use margerine anyway) but I can do ghee.
  • nothing really replaces yogurt - I'll miss it but see how I do without it for at least 6 months

No more sugar first foods such as candy, cake or cookies. Nothing replaces these - I just want to put this out there. I'm not missing these foods. My Sugar Dragon is super chill right now -  I want to keep her this way. 

Sparkling mineral water with lemon or lime easily replaces diet pop for me. I don't like to drink water (ugh) but will guzzle citrusy mineral water so, this is a good change to make.

I will continue to source and eat only great quality meat, fish and seafood. I'm fortunate I can afford to eat well so I will.

I haven't missed bread and crackers as much as I thought I would. Hubs and I ate a lot of crackers and cheese - that's changed. No going back there. I've had one slice of toast since I started reintro a month ago - no ill effects but, I don't want to go back the consuming those processed carbs in the same gorging way I used to.  Carrots and celery and other crunchy things make great baba ganoush delivery vehicles.

Alright - there it is in writing! Can't think of anything else to add at the moment so I'll post this and come back to it later if I need to.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT W30 day!





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