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On Wednesday March 6 I finished my Whole30. I do feel much better overall but won’t be seen by my neurologist until April 8 for testing to see if we can find cause and relief for neuropathy. Surgeon’s final X-ray showed complete successful fusion and spinal decompression.

I added back cheese, beans, and corn but it was clear the corn was not a good move- I have remained on compliant foods and am going to wait to change until after exam and bloodwork. 

Oh, yeah, I also have lost 18 pounds so I intend to lose the obesity label on my medical records while I’m on a roll.

No sugar cravings at all- I’m very happy with the program. 

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I tried grain chips and boom- no good. Took them right back out. Dairy is back but bread and grains are out for now. No refined sugars either. Blood tests on April 8 so will compare to baseline from Feb 4th- hopefully doctor can find cause of inflammation and neuropathy.

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