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Started March 2nd, so far so good.


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This is my third attempt.  Usually I can't get past days 3-5 due to the headaches and sugar flu.  This time so far so good, and on day 17. Food is boring but trying to be creative. First week wasn't as bad this time. Headaches were manageable, sugar cravings weren't playing games with my mood.  Perhaps because this time I was more prepared and ready to keep our kitchen positive and stocked.

Biggest thing week one was sleepiness, fatigue and lack of appetite. Second week, lots of inflamation/swelling and pants tight, along with some moodiness. About day 13 started feeling better, not joyous but not as fatigued. I'm still sleeping almost 9-10 hours a night and slow to rise.

Day 16 started swelling again, and realized I haven't been drinking enough water.  I'm terrible at remembering that. Very hopeful I can make it through 30 days.  Weighed in at 144, haven't weighed that since being 9 months pregnant. Looking forward to stepping on the scale March 31st. Am also doing a blood work up next week while I'm eating these wholefoods, and will see how that looks.  

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Great job making it to day 17! Only a couple more weeks to go! What non-scale victories have you seen so far?

If you're on Instagram, check out the Whole30 recipes account to help breakup the food boredom. What have you been eating?

Remember, Whole30 isn't intended to be a weight loss "diet", but rather a nutritional reset to help you understand what foods work best for you. :)  

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