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Hello.  I also started my first Whole30 today!  Excited and a bit nervous at the same time (no weighing rule :o).

I am hoping to see an improvement in my sleep, energy level, evening temperament (not the best right now...), and a change in my body composition.  I also am hoping this will help me change my relationship with certain foods (i.e. fat, candy with the kids on "special" days).

I am so glad there are others that are embarking on this journey at the same time.  Nice to have a community to celebrate :D...or commiserate :( with. 

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Well I made it through day one. I have had cravings, small headaches, and I have been tired. I have done a big veggie prep tonight and have my lunch ready for tomorrow. Hehe it is the lunch I forgot today. I will make some egg cups tomorrow with bacon, mushrooms, and green. I too look forward to some recipe ideas. 

@tmt578 I understand the munchies at night. It is hard for me too. I get the most hungry after dinner and have gotten used to eating before bed. 

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Good morning everyone! 

I hope everyone's Day 1 went well.

I felt super accomplished yesterday. 

  • Ate Whole30 breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pre-workout snack 
  • Prepped Whole30 breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the week. I get up really early for my commute, so having meals I can through into my bag is a must! 
  • Drank black coffee (no sweetener). I've been doing this one for a while and really enjoy the taste of black coffee now. 
  • Drank plenty of water 
  • Completed a 45 min strength workout and 30 min stretch
  • Completed a 5 min meditation 

I decided to write down my "whys" before starting the reset to keep me motivated. 

  • Lose weight before the big day. 
  • Sleep better. I've been having some erratic sleep patterns and while I'm on the Whole30, I have the best sleep! 
  • More energy. I wake up really early and have some reliance on caffeine. While, I love my coffee I don't want to NEED my coffee in the morning. 
  • Continue learning healthy habits. I've struggled with my weight since I was a kid and would love to keep a healthier lifestyle. I always feel better when I'm feeding myself wholesome foods. 

Have a great Day 2 guys!  

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@dom I hear you on the sweet tooth. Make sure you have enough food  and emergency food  with you including enough fat and protein. That helped me. I had to make sure that I wasn’t feeding my sugar tooth with fruit RX or lars bars. I make sure that my last bite is never anything sweet instead of vegetables protein or fat. Hope that helps. 

@froville6 just by posting you are part of this group. Great to have you here for support. 

@trafficjamdreaming great set of whys

So today I woke up feeling a little tire but within 2 hrs I was ready to get back into bed. I made me egg cups/muffins which were good but I can’t seem to make them where they come out easily  and not leave 1/3 of the egg and then need to soak and scrub for hours to clean the pan. Any suggestions? I made sure I had plenty of olive oil in the pan. 

I have all my food with me today so yay. I will be home for a late dinner. Have a great day 2 everyone 

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Hi all - Started April 1 as well!

Two days in, starting day 3 and two nights of restless sleep.  Woke at 3:45 each night.   It's ok, gave me a moment to get logged in here and find you all!

Breakfast has been veggie egg cups - made enough for whole work week.  Actually getting in three meals a day is a big deal - that's a LOT of food!  Wednesday's goal - eat three balanced meals (I usually eat a brunchy time and then a big dinner late - Habit I'm trying to change)

Feeling ok though - yesterday was foggy and I had to take a nap at 3 (I work from home) - so I actually scheduled it and added the hour back in late day.

Nice to meet you all!


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Day 2 is in the bag and on to day 3!

I find myself questioning the amount of fat that I am consuming. It is a bit daunting. I grew up in the “fat is bad” era so the idea that I have eaten a whole avocado and cooked my morning eggs with olive oil instead of non-stick spray (mine contain soy lectins) is terribly troubling for me. I feel like I am focused on the fat and not the fact that I am doing this! I need to continue reiterating to myself my reasons for wanting a healthy life and doing Whole30 is a step in getting there.

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Hope everyone had a energetic Day 2. As for me, I could have slept all day!

My cravings were under control but I was extremely hungry. Had do grab some snacks throughout the day but kept it protein and fat based. I have a really bad sweet tooth, so I've been limiting fruit and nut bars (RX Bars/Larabars) on this round of the Whole30. 

I did a 20 min walk on my lunch and when I got home I did a light stretch. I gave myself some leniency on my workouts because I know the first week I can get really tired. Can I just jump to the Tiger Blood phase already? Haha!

@Elizabeth33 I use silicone baking cups and they slide right off ( Amazon Silicone Baking Cups

@Fit4Me I used to be fat-phobic too! The idea of having 4 eggs cooked in olive oil with a side of guacamole would have doubled me over in the past, but when you don't have much carbs (with the exception of veggies and fruits), you need the extra fat to keep you fueled throughout the day. It took me some time to get used to but when I saw the amazing results at the end of the program, I was a believer. 

Hope everyone has an amazing 3rd day! Keep it up! 

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Hello All Day 3 Whole 30's

How is everyone doing? I survived the birthday cake - was still eating lunch, so I had a great excuse.

I am feeling pretty good so far, been tempted, but keep walking past those cookies and that choc cake. I absolutely loved @tmt578 comments! Thank you for the giggles!

It is so true how you add it up all together how eating the wrong foods, make us feel like:angry:

So check in everyone and let us know what has been a good thing and what threw you for a "Ummm thought". 

Strong, Powerful and Dang are we not all worth it!


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Thanks @trafficjamdreaming for the recommendations. Yay everyone it is the end of day 3!! I know it's only day 3 but in the past I usually quit by making excuses. I have been very tired the last few days but the slight headaches have gone and there is no nausea. Today went really well today. I didn’t snack as much as I did yesterday. Which was more of a grazing day although ironically I didn't eat a lot. Today I didn’t snack between meals although I may need to eat a small snack before bed. I am going to wean myself off of this but needing as much sleep as I do this week I will most likely start doing that next week. I seem to be eating the veggies better than the last 2 days. It was hard because all I wanted was salty and fat. My issue is if I don’t want things and I eat them my gag reflex kicks in. Not sure what that is about but it has been that way for years. I can be in the middle of a meal and then my body says no more green beans or meat and I can’t force myself to eat it. Today I did 2 veggies that seemed to help get all of them down. I basically cleaned my plates today. I am finding if I am still hungry after what I eat I just add some fat and I am full.  It was a long day and am not able to prep for tomorrow so I will need to get up earlier tomorrow to get it done. 

I have some NSV from yesterday and today that I want to share. My chiropractor said yesterday that I was already less puffy and not as stiff. Also, the rash I get from time to time because of my CPAP (a device I use for sleep apnea) is also less and practically gone today. I finally caught up on my Day by Day today. 

I hope everyone had a great day.


Breakfast: Turkey burg: 2 romaine lettuce leaf, mayo, mustard, avo; sauté beet greens, 2 slices of sweet potato tea and almond milk latte

Lunch: Roasted turkey, squash and carrot soup, ½ salad, nuts 

Dinner: Pork & meat Italian meatloaf, green beans, bro, 4 small white potatoes, small amount of marinara on meatloaf

Snack: Unknown but most likely 1-2 eggs and maybe some olives


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Hey Everyone 

Here's to day 4! Woohoo! Hoping for an energetic day because yesterday was tough! I was sleepy and irritable. When I have a tough first week, I have to remind myself that it does get better. For me, it's usually on the 5th or 6th day. I'll just have to tough it out today and hope tomorrow is a better day. 

All in all, I'm proud of myself for eating by the book, not even a slip on technically compliant foods like paleo pancakes (my fave). I've been drinking more water instead of coffee or caffeinated tea and I've been working out at least 30 minutes a day for an extra energy boost in the middle of the day. I'll pick up the intensity as I get more energy but happy I'm being consistent. 

Have a great day everyone!  


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Great job! @Elizabeth33 @trafficjamdreaming

I have been doing great! I am working on taxes, so sometimes when I am home, I want to snack, so I get up walk around, look at the fridge and then come sit down again. 

@trafficjamdreaming - good job on exercising, be careful not too much.

@Elizabeth33 - be proud you are doing awesome, sometimes just reading that you can be irritable makes you, so think happy positive thoughts!

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@Sunshine2020 Well my day went from doing good to truly a kill all things day. I to have to do my own taxes and can’t seem to get them done because I’m working too much. Which is a good thing.

@trafficjamdreaming Well done on eating compliant that’s awesome  well done on eating compliant that’s awesome. 

 I had to work for one of my clients that I need the most patients with. So my patients ran very thin today. I was only supposed to work until five so I didn’t bring a lot of food with me. It is now 8 o’clock. I had to go to the store to pick up an RX bar. It was loads of fun grocery shopping for my client getting all these wonderful things that I can’t have. Which of course didn’t help matters. I did give myself a compliant whole cooked chicken and that sounds good so I’m gonna have some of that when I get home. And then I’m going to bed. I hope others peoples day went better. Peace out

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Hey everyone! 

Thanks for the support @Sunshine2020! I really appreciate it. :) 

@Elizabeth33 Right with you on the kill all the things yesterday. Work has been stressful lately so I tried my best to not snap at annoying coworkers. haha! My fiancé has been through this with me all three rounds so he knows the deal the first week. He gives me my space when needed and cleans up dishes after dinner so I can relax. That's why I'm marrying this guy! :) 

I am a chronic grazer which often leads to overeating so I've been limiting my snacks and only have them when absolutely needed. I'll still carry around a pack of carrots or almond butter packs but try my best not to use them. 

I woke up today (Day 5) with some energy. My foggy brain is nearly gone. The pain I get in my lower back from sitting in an office chair all day and the pain I get in my knee from a previous injury have gotten a little better. 

Hey guys! We're almost one week in! Congrats! 


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I am soooooo tired today!!  I want a nap so terribly bad-_-.  I am pretty sure it's because I haven't been eating properly.  Yesterday I skipped lunch (no desire to eat anything) and skipped breakfast today (so tired of eggs!!).  How is it day 5 and I am already in food boredom!

On the bright side, I am going to try my hand at making clarified butter today and looked up the bone broth recipe so I can make a butternut squash soup this weekend.  Had no idea bone broth cost so much...motivated me to make my own :-)

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

@Fit4Me I rotate my breakfasts between 1 Aidell's chicken apple sausage and a cup of broccoli (or whatever veg I have around) and an egg bake; I'll eat both with a Wholly Guacamole mini. I'll broil the sausages (8 total) on a Sunday, and be set for the week. The egg bake also makes 8 pieces. Just remember, meal 1 doesn't have to be "breakfast". It could be your dinner leftovers (steak, roasted veg, olives) or fried eggs atop salad greens. :) 

@Sunshine2020 @Elizabeth33 @trafficjamdreaming glad you made it through your KATT ;) Hang in there, tiger blood is around the corner! Your coworkers will wonder what happened! :) 

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Hey all been really busy trying to finish my taxes and my clients taxes. For some reason she thinks I can pull it out of the air (polite way of saying it) when I have to reconcile all the receipts as well fun time. 

Doing better today energy and attitude wise. Craving still pretty bad and I am either not that hungry and can do 3 meals plus very small snack or I am starving. Will catch up more later. Happy day 5

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Hi all! Day 6 almost done. Had a pre-WO (2 boiled eggs) and Meal 1 about 2 hrs after workout...then nothing for about 5 hrs. Had a handful of nuts and an apple for “snack” while grocery shopping. Meal 2: Roasted Cajun seasoned salmon and roasted green beans...really yummy! Have to get better about meal planning so I don’t have these stretches of not eating because I don’t want to find anything :(.

Hope you guys had a great Day 6!

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@Fit4Me (wow it finally worked) it sounds like you need a lot more planning for your meals. I think you are not eating enough. If your goals is to reset your body, it will work awesome and yes you may lose weight. The program helps with the bloating and not feeling good...even if you have some rough days @Elizabeth33. I am working on taxes too, know the struggles...mine if everyone would just bring their stuff in complete it would be easier.

I think the best way to look at this program is look at all the options that you can have, and only focus on this!. I just made Pesto Egg bake for the week (just watched my husband eat two) and am making a roast in the crock pot. Made some soup yesterday, realized I didn't put in all the ingredients in, did that today and oops it tasted yucky so threw it out. I tried! Should of left it the way it was.

Although I have been tempted, I can tell my stomach isn't bloating so that itself is motivation.

@Shani_SWP great ideas. In your best words how would you describe Tiger Blood?

In the past two whole30s, I only ate 1 RX bar as an emergency and I ate one on Thursday night this time. I truly look at those as emergencies. I have stopped at gas stations and purchased some carrots just to get me thru until I got home. Or a lot of times if I am trying to prep and feel like I am starving, I drink a cup of HOT water. It eases the feeling.

How many of you are still in? Goal for the week: Try something new in the food group and have all lunches planned for the week (PS I know we are having Olive Garden at work on Thursday) so I have to figure out what I am going to eat to survive the challenge!

Baby steps all week long!:)



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Panic attack - we started the Real Plans thing, along with a whole bunch of new recipes that we're not familiar with. Long story short, hubby made seafood bisque for dinner with coconut cream that has added sugar. I ate probably a third of the serving before deciding it was too good to be true, and sure enough - we didn't read the label. Now what? Do I have to start over?? I'm so pissed off. And I'm still hungry! This is stupid.

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I have made it through day 7 yay. We have one week behind us guys well done. @Sunshine2020 I agree with they way you say to look at the program and that does help me. I am also taking it one meal at a time. This coming week my goal is to eat less nuts. They have become my stand by. I have bought some avocados, olive and coconut so I can use those as well. I need to get more activity into the mix so I am hoping to add more of those (considering I only did 1 this week.) I am also trying some different veggie recipes because I am bored with the veggie just plan. I will let you know how they go. One recipe I need permission to post so I am checking on that tomorrow. This is one that I am going to try for breakfast

@Suzanne-SATx hopefully one of the moderators will chime in on your issue. I have had that happen and chose to start over myself but it is a personal choice and this was not an intensional slip. Either way it is your chose and we support you all the way. 

I did a massive grocery shopping this weekend and hope to get most of it prepared tomorrow and some of the meats portioned out for freezing. I treated myself to some lamb chops and a rib eye so I am looking forward to that. 

My eating schedule is off on the weekend since my break isn’t until 2 and I eat breakfast at 7. I usually have to do a snack around 11-12.  It is took long for me to go 7-2. I survived all the pastries and yummy foods that they have at the buffet there so I am very happy about that.

I have had 1 good sleep this week and the others I have been restless. My body isn't regulating its temperature very well so I get hot and then cold. Then again maybe I have gotten my hot flashes again which sucks. 


Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 prosciutto, carrots and cucumber w coffee and nut pods

Snack: epic meat bar (cow)

Lunch: mixed greens with beets and vinaigrette, shredded chicken. I had a REALLY  hard time eating that because the greens were bitter and I was not liking the beets and I had to eventually stop and I finished with an RX bar. Not optimal

Dinner: Bison burger with mushrooms, avocado, bacon in lettuce, green beans and roasted potatoes


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Share on other sites I don’t know how to tag someone...anyone who knows, please tell me.

Suzanne: a) what’s Real Plans and b) don’t be discouraged! This is my first Whole30 and if something like that happened to me, I’d soldier on. The book talks about the spirit of the Whole30 program. You didn’t binge on chocolate cake!! With that said, I also don’t know the science and if a bit (I’m assuming) of sugar will have your system thrown out of whack. Hopefully, a moderator will chime in with the official ruling.☺️

Hang in there!! We’re all in this together!

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  • Moderators

@Fit4Me to tag someone, type the @ symbol, and then start typing their username (no space, just right next to the @). A list should pop up, when you see the name you're looking for, click/tap it. 

@Suzanne-SATx here's  the official word on starting over: If you aren't sure what you want to do, you can keep going for now, and then when you get closer to day 30, decide if you want to add a few days at the end or not. 

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Thanks, @ShannonM816  - based on the answers in your link, I'm staying the course with #4, and not starting over because 1) it was not a conscious choice and I did ask the right questions - twice - , and 2) when I found out there was added sugar (I was about 1/3 of the way through my portion) I didn't choose to eat anymore and fixed a compliant dinner for myself.

Starting over felt unjust, like a punishment for something I didn't do, and that made me angry. I don't want my journey to be a punishment for being over-indulgent in the bounty we are surrounded by daily. There are enough issues for me to work through that I'll probably extend this program anyway, but "starting over" for this? Just no. I will not surrender my progress so easily. This decision needs to stay in a positive stance for it to work for me. I can wait to measure results on the scale and tape measure. I can work on refocusing my attention to how my clothes fit, my sleep quality, my energy/pain levels and even my happiness quotient. I can not look at this additional week as a punishment, and expect a positive influence on my lifestyle moving forward. It's an attitude thing. My choice, my victory.

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