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Meals on the go


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Hi. My current job forces me to leave the house around noon and only be back in the evening. Between meetings I have 10-15 minutes which I use for driving from one location to the other. I can't eat during the meetings, which basically means I either need to eat while driving, or drive fast, park, and eat as fast as possible.

I managed to space the meetings a bit, but I still struggle with:

A) What to eat? I can't eat the template meals in the afternoon/evening because they feel too heavy and I'm getting a very unpleasant sensation after consuming a full meal past 17:00ish.

B) I don't have access to a microwave, which really bums me out. Eating a cold meal just isn't fun. I would like to be able to enjoy my meals.


So, what kind of meals can I take with me? any recommendations? I need a good pool of meals so that it won't get boring.

Thanks in advance! :)

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There are insulated lunch packs that can keep food warm, thermis type containers for soups and chilis. and even food warmers that plug into your car. 

You could also look for things that are more like picnic foods that you wouldnt mind eating cold. Scotch eggs or meatballs, crustless quiches or frittatas, grilled chicken cut into strips and served with raw or blanched vegetables and a dip.

You might also google whole30 what's in your cooler, or whole30 on the go, or whole30 picnic for possible ideas and past discussions of this. 

Here's a couple of recipes that might give you some ideas:  http://meljoulwan.com/2010/07/24/riceless-soy-free-sushi-domo-arigato/https://www.wholekitchensink.com/turkey-bacon-caesar-wraps/, or here's a post with several ideas:  https://nomnompaleo.com/post/155982401668/portable-whole30-lunches

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