Bacon, sausage, and processed meats

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Hello, I'm preparing to start the program in a couple of weeks and browsing through recipes, I have seen bacon and sausage incorporated into many breakfast options. I'm still working on finishing the book and I've decided to do the Whole30 program in order to be proactive with my autoimmune diagnosis. Aren't these proteins considered "processed meats"? And I can make my own chicken or turkey sausage, but the bacon throws me off a bit, even if I'm buying the "no preservatives, nitrates, nitrites version". I've just been doing a lot of reading regarding low-grade inflammation, which state that these foods may be irritating.  Can anyone help me with this?



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Hi @Cgasparyan  

Way to go prepping ahead for W30!! You'll find it easier to get on board if you've done some prework. ISWF talks about bacon and its nutritional challenges and, I believe, recommends only eating compliant bacon (remember to add sugar free to your list above!) from healthy, humane farming practices once in awhile. Having said that, if you believe that your autoimmune challenge would be more successful if you eliminate bacon altogether, why not do that? You can reintroduce compliant bacon after your W30 to decide if it is a problem for you.

Good luck getting ready and throughout your W30 - I'm starting my second one on April 7th when I get home from my winter in Australia - perhaps we'll be doing it together?



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