Whole30 in Mobile?


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I have a conference for work in Mobile, AL next week. A brief review of the menus near my hotel makes me think I’m just going to have to survive on jerky I bring myself for four days. :( I won’t have a car, so I won’t even have easy access to a Chipotle.


Is anyone familiar with the Mobile area and have any recommendations?

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I don't know Mobile, but you might look into wheter something like uber eats or doordash or grubhub are in that area and see what they deliver. You might also contact your hotel and see if they either have transportation that might be willing to take you to a store or restaurant,  or if they know of a grocery or restaurant delivery that operates in the area -- something like instacart or shipt could let you shop for some groceries and have them delivered. This does assume you'll have some kind of fridge in your room. Without a fridge it's definitely harder.

If lunch is catered, talk to the person in charge and see if you can special order meals. If you're just given time for lunch, try to find someone going to a restaurant that will have some options that you can go with. 

If you're checking a bag, you could throw in cans of tuna or salmon, maybe a small bottle of olive oil or some olives. That way, even if the only thing near you is fast food, you could get plain salad and you'd have protein and fat to add.


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