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Whole30 Daily Accountability


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I think I may have accidentally deleted my previous accountability log.  Whoops!

No matter, because I haven't accomplished a compliant day, yet. The days I'm close, there are still little things like having A1 sauce with my turkey burgers and several days I woke up and put milk in my coffee because I wasn't paying attention...  But the bigger issues were when I was so fixated on what I was eating that I either under ate - in which case I felt like I was starving by nighttime and then gorged on whatever my son ordered from DOORDASH - or felt defiant and just wanted a stupid paleo brownie because I just wanted a stupid paleo brownie...  So, I'm finding myself unsure about what I want to do.

I have some pretty big "why's" about losing some weight - firstly, I have gained 20 pounds since my divorce and I feel heavy.  I have gone up two sizes, which means that I have had to PURCHASE TWO new wardrobes in the past three years.  And for a money stickler like me, that hurts.  And it's embarrassing to myself. And the bigger problem is that even though my normal diet is about 85% compliant, the weight keeps coming on. I'm afraid that I am just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger until I'm one of those people who has to pay for two airplane seats.  Which, again, throws up the money issue.  [I have had my thyroid checked and I'm in the clear on that.]

So, aside from not wanting to have to purchase more clothes into which to squeeze my fat body, I would also like to lose weight because I'm 43 and dating and I want to feel pretty when I meet men.  I don't want to feel fat.  I hope that if (I used to say "when", but now it's an "if") I meet my person, he won't care what I look like, but I still don't want to project the feeling of shame about my looks when I meet someone for the first time. 

Also, I go to Hot Yoga several times a week and I started just wearing a bra top and capris with the intention of urging myself to lose weight (because, well, who wants to look like a fat sausage in the yoga mirrors?)

So I have many reasons to lose weight, but I also need to make sure I have the energy to perform on the tennis courts.  Several times in the past week if I had an evening match, I felt tired and weak on the courts and felt like I should have pre-ate a bit more before I started playing.  But I wasn't hungry for a meal beforehand.  Maybe that's something I should look at:  the first part of my days seems to be OK, it's what happens after 4:00 PM that is troublesome.

Also, I need to make sure I can sleep well.  I've struggled with insomnia for years and when I go to bed hungry, I don't sleep well.  I sleep best, I've found, when I have some Greek Yogurt before bed.  Whatever it is about the stuff, it knocks me out. But if I am going to go through the trouble of eliminating milk from my coffee, I feel like it's a waste if I have a big honking cup of yogurt before bed, but it's something I think I should consider.

So, I'm wondering if I can pre-plan my evening meals, especially on the nights that I have matches - they're at 6:00, so they're smack dab in the way of dinner - and make a decision about the yogurt, I can probably tighten up my eating to hopefully lose some weight.  

Pre-workout meals are fat and protein and Post-workout meals are lean protein and carbs.  Let me brainstorm what might work for me...

Pre - eggs and avocado, coconut and ???, hamburger and avocado (or olives), turkey burger and ???

Post - burger and potatoes, chicken and sweet potatoes, egg and potatoes, let's see...  Hm... it would be nice to have some options that are portable so that I could grab them, put them in my bag and have them handy post-match...  I usually have almonds with me, so that's something.

OK, well, today has started off ok so far.  I remembered to have my half-decaf coffee black!  So I'll check back in to see how the day is going...  My plan is to eat the following today:

Steamed salmon

Celery and berries







Grilled chicken and sweet potato and greens for dinner

[reserve Greek yogurt if really hungry before bedtime]

I'm going to try to eat potatoes and sweet potatoes today and see how that goes.  I haven't been eating potatoes at all lately and I'm curious whether adding those in would help me feel more satiated and hence less likely to feel starving and like crap in the evenings... We'll see!





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Roasted Potatoes

Hamburger patty




Hard boiled egg

Lots of Peaches - the quantity probably qualified as SWYPO



maple syrup


coconut sugar

milk in coffee and pero

scone (friend brought some for all of us for breakfast on the tennis courts)

red hots candy (funny story)

pero (ok with pero because I am interested in kicking the bean habit, too)



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Hard Boiled Eggs

Turkey burgers

Dried Plums

Coconut oil

Shredded coconut

Japanese sweet potato

Steamed Salmon



Paleo Brownie

Paleo Mug Cake

Paleo Bread

Piece of pizza

Several handfuls of chewy red hots

Milk in coffee



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