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SeawolvesFanGrl's First Whole 30


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Hi All -

I've been aware of Whole 30 for some time but never tried it.  Meat-centered diets never work for me and, not knowing the details, that is how I perceived it.  The most sick I have ever been on a diet was when I tried Atkin's.  I literally felt like I was being poisoned.  By contrast, the diet I have lost the most on was a vegan diet.  I was able to lose about 25 lbs in less than 3 months, which was a new record for me.


I was also aware that some of the weight I lost was muscle, not fat.  I remember being discouraged looking in the mirror.  I was smaller...but saggier too.  The diet became tiresome as well.  I like black bean soup as much as the next person but after awhile I came to view vegan dishes I had previously liked as "starchy glop."  I began to suspect that the benefits I did receive from the vegan diet were due to the addition of lots of veggies and fruit, not the elimination of meat.

Fast forward a few years.  The weight has come back and then some because I've been eating horrible things like cheese and white flour.  I have a problem with chronic inflammation which makes even walking (let alone something like running) very painful.  And my two-glass-or-wine a day habit has started to be much higher consumption.  So my attitude is "Ok Whole 30 - let's see what you can do."  I knew from the outset that I could not make this a low-carb thing.  That simply does not work for me.  So I am being mindful to get a decent amount of high-quality carbs.  Here was yesterday:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, red peppers and onions + 3 roasted fingerling potatoes (left over)
  • Lunch: lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, chicken, guacamole and 3 more of the potatoes
  • Dinner: Turkey meatloaf and cauliflower rice

That was Day 2 for me.  Finished the day with some lemon ginger tea.  I definitely notice that this diet tamps down my appetite.  Like there will be times I can perceive that I am hungry but it is still easy to wait to eat.  That may change over time.  We'll see.  This morning I was dreading another meal of eggs so instead started with a smoothie.  Just spinach, banana, berries, avocado and some flax.  A little cinnamon too.  Without protein that won't keep me full long so, when I feel hungry, I will have some left-over turkey meatloaf. 

The good news is, for the first time in weeks, I feel like a workout so I will try that later today.  So, all in all, I would pronounce this "so far, so good."

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Good job so far. You'll find Whole30 isn't really meat centered -- we recommend protein at every meal, and often that will be meat, but really, half to two-thirds of your plate should be vegetables. And it definitely doesn't have to be low carb.

You don't have to have eggs for breakfast. There's really no such thing as breakfast food, that's an idea that was probably developed by people selling "breakfast food." Anything you eat any other time of day works just fine for your first meal. Soups are popular, especially if it's still cold in the morning where you are. Meatballs, grilled chicken, curry, whatever leftovers you have. Here's a past discussion with ideas:  


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Day 4 complete and wow, was it hard -

This was my first day back to traveling for work.  Airline food is just hopeless for any kind of nutrition.  Actually, strike that: upon retrospect, what I should have done is order the cheese plate...and ate everything on it (veggies, fruit, nuts) except the cheese.  I stuck to club soda and had a veggie pack (carrots, celery, tomatoes and olives) in the airport between flight #1 and #2.  But this meant I ended up at my hotel after 9pm having had maybe 500 calories in total all day.  Now feeling marginally better after turkey, roast potatoes and green beans (grocery store take-away.)

Let's hope tomorrow is a bit calmer and more predictable!

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Day 6 complete.

Thursday is my last day of traveling and then I will be home, where I have access to my own kitchen and do not have to rely on what the take-away section of Whole Foods has to offer.  Diet today was standard take-away and restaurant fare:

  • Breakfast: leftover chicken with guacamole, berries, roasted potatoes
  • Lunch: still more chicken...this time is a saute recipe
  • Dinner: turkey meatloaf and salad

Definitely looking forward to getting back to food I cook myself!

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Day 8 Done -

Was good to be back in my own house with my own kitchen.  I would have liked to stop at Whole Foods on my way from the airport yesterday (it is about 15 miles from my house, so a major trip) but I had to hurry home for a teleconference.  When I buy seafood I almost always get it at WF.  So at my local grocery store I got my usual: ground turkey breast.  I made yet another turkey meatloaf, this one with minced baby kale in it to boost nutrition, along with ground flax as the binder (Omega-3 boost).  With green beans and roasted fingerling potatoes that made a great meal.

If I have time to go to WF tomorrow I may try some scallops.  Variety from poultry would be nice...

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Day 11 -

Pretty good day, considering traveling is always a challenge when it comes to predicting what food will be available:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and fruit

Lunch: Cobb Salad

Dinner: spinach bowl-thingy with steak and assorted other veggies

Still no working out yet.  Had hopes for tonight but I smashed my little toe into a wall this morning (navigating around a hotel room only semi-awake will make this happen) so I am going the spend the evening icing it and hoping it is not broken!

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