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Day 25 and just hanging on...

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HI, While Whole30 has been hard for me it's also been so very good. My self-esteem is riding high and the education I am receiving is priceless. I've experienced lots of insights into why I make the choices I do, and I am very grateful. At the moment, I'm pretty focused on a slow roll off the plan in 5 days (not that I am counting) but I find that I am d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g through this week and am simply reaching out for support.

I won't list what I have been eating because I already KNOW I'm not eating enough. Self-care issues raising their heads? Mostly, I'm just not hungry...

If anyone feels inclined to shout out "Hay" or something equally uplifting, I would really appreciate it! 



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