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Extreme brain fog, am lethargic, gassy & bloated - day 8

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It’s not a pretty picture here.  I am bloated, lethargic, have incredibly bad gas and heavy brain fog.  Tonight my legs started to ache. What’s next?  

My meals have been fairly simple..

bfast - either eggs with veggies (peppers, cauliflower, onion & spinach) Or a smoothie (almond milk, flaxseed, collagen powder, spinach &almond butter)

lunch - protein scramble or salad with vigors,  protein and dressing

dinner - varies- stir fry, slow cooked meal with veggie and protein

snacks - oranges, almonds, apples with almond butter, RX Blueberry bars, macadamia nuts

i am eating a ton, drinking lots of water and working out.  Felt good first 3 days but the past 4 has been harder and harder .  I Increased my avocado intake to increase my fat to help my head so I wasn’t so spaced out.  Not sure what to do!

Any suggestions or ideas are great!

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Bloating is pretty common around day 8, so some of that is to be expected. Nuts and seeds can contribute to that, and for some people, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, or kale can as well. Maybe try cutting out nuts and seeds for a few days, and if you're eating a ton of cruciferous vegetables, cut back on them and when you do have them, try having them cooked rather than raw.

You don't list pre or post-workout meals. These would be in addition to your regular three meals. Pre-wo you want some protein and/or fat, just a few bites. This is less important if you're working out later in the day when you've eaten a meal within a couple of hours. Post-wo, have some protein and optionally some starchy vegetable,  again just a few bites, not a full meal's worth, fairly soon after your workout. 

Your meals should be keeping you satisfied 4-5 hours at a time, so most people find they don't need to eat between meals, but if you are hungry, try to have a combo or protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three. Try to avoid having just fruit on its own as it can affect blood sugar levels and may leave you feeling tired or hungry later.

Also be sure you are salting your food, just enough that it tastes good. Depending on how you were eating before you started whole30, you may not be getting as much salt as you did before, and that could contribute to headaches and tiredness as well.

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