Relay Mountain Race

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So my friend das a Relay Race next saturday. Today she is currently on day 25 on Whole30.

She´s  going to wake up around 4 a.m have breakfast and then off with the team to the race. But she is only going to run probably até noon, (but she has to go early with the team). She´s going to have a second meal around 9 a.m and she was thinking about a pre-run snack around 11a.m since it´s a mountain race and her part is around 6,5 miles. Since it´s mountain she´s going to finish it around 1 hora and 20 or 30 minutos. What should she have during the race? She´s going to be on the reintroduction  phase but she´s not going to reintroduce anything on the day of the race or the day before. 

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