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Day 24 and I feel like garbage...


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...thinking of quitting.

I feel like this is simply too much meat, eggs, and fat for my digestion to handle. I'm not eating enough because I can't finish my meals without feeling sick to my stomach. I do have a history of IBS. Has anyone ever gotten to this point and been able to turn it around? Please advise.

Since I know you'll ask, here's an example of what I've been trying to eat. I'm often unable to finish the meals, so I eat the food later and/or have a snack:


2 hardboiled eggs

Roasted potatoes over raw spinach

Black tea w/almond milk



Cashews  &  Dried or Raw Fruit



Salad - various greens and raw veggies topped with canned chicken & mayo, nuts, avocado, and/or hardboiled egg

Side of fruit



Epic bar or apple w/almond butter



Ground turkey & tomato sauce over spaghetti squash


I also generally drink herbal tea with almond milk throughout the day, sometimes with a little bit of 100% cocoa powder.

Dr. J

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Other potentially relevant information: I have a history of disordered (restrictive) eating, but I don't feel like that is what is going on. I have chronic anxiety and depression which are obviously not helped by this situation. I was also mostly vegetarian before starting this diet and rarely ate meat. I feel like my nausea got significantly worse around day 21.

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Hi @DrJ - sorry that it's taken some time to get back to you.

My first suggestions would be to eliminate raw veggies/salad greens as these can be harder on the stomach than cooked veggies. Also nuts are hard on the digestive system so turn away from those where possible.

Anxiety and depression can be worsened when doing this program if the person does not include an adequate amount of starchy veggie. I would add at least a fist sized serving to a couple meals/day and see if that helps. 

As for being vegetarian and experiencing digestive issues when adding back animal products - check out this article: https://whole30.com/2013/02/eating-meat-a-primer-for-the-meat-challenged-2/

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