I accidentally Chewed Gum Yesterday!

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Guys!!!! :( I’m so sad. I don’t know what I was thinking! I went to a baseball game yesterday and said no to hotdogs, popcorn, beer, lemonade... EVERYTHING! But when someone offered me a piece of gum, I blindly said yes. I don’t know what I was thinking! :( 

My question is... how bad is it? Is it a long shot for me to still see results? Or do I have to start over?

It was Sugar Free. Only thing on the ingredients list that was not compliant was soy lecithin. 

I’m on day 6 of Whole30 and on week 4 of no alcohol. 

Please give me y’alls opinion on this. It’s my first whole 30 and really wanted to see it all the way through. #perfectionist 




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Here's  the official guidance about starting over: https://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30/.  You can always keep going for now, and decide on day 30 whether to add days to make the full 30 days, sometimes that is less overwhelming than trying to decide this early on to restart. Many people find by week three or four the thought of just going on for a bit longer doesn't seem so bad, because by then you'll be more used to meal prep and hopefully you'll be noticing some benefits.

I would double check the label of that gum though, it would be very unusual for it not to have some sort of sweetener in it, possibly xylitol, sucralose, or aspartame. There is at least one brand I've heard of with no sweetener, so it's possible, but it would definitely be unusual for someone to have unless they'd purposely sought out gum with no sugar or sweeteners. 

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If this person has a soy sensitivity or a sensitivity to certain sweeteners, she is absolutely correct to consider whether or not she should consider starting over. Of course, it is always, always up to the person doing the program, but whether she chooses to start over or not doesn't mean she's lost perspective.

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6 hours ago, sdeadrick said:

Don't start over. It's a piece of gum. Let's keep everything in perspective. Keep going, you'll be fine. 


That's not actually very helpful. I know you probably meant it to be, but when you're eliminating all this stuff to see if you have sensitivities, your body doesn't know if you did ate it on purpose or not. It's 100% up to the person to consider all of the issues before restarting. (Says the person who started over because of accidentally ingesting a tiny amount of sulfites because I actually did W30 to get rid of life-destroying migraines, and did). 

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I took a sip of beer a week or two in. Someone offered and I forgot for a second. I was so pissed I’d have to start over -and I was having a really hard time with the program- that I gave up entirely. Now it’s three years later and I’m 50 lbs heavier. So if it’s between continuing or giving up, I mean, isn’t it better to continue?

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I agree with LadyShanny's suggestion - consider just to keep going and note the date and add it on the back end vs. calling it day one again - it's way easier by day 30 to add on 6 more days because you are in a totally different place by then than you are at day 6.  I think.

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Guilt is neither helpful nor healthy, but it's important to really consider starting over or adding time to your original timeline if a slip occurs.

Why? Think of it like a science experiment. You're cleaning your system out by eliminating specific food groups for a period of time, after which you'll be testing each food group for reactions. If something has been introduced early and you don't give enough time for your system to reach an effective baseline/control, you can't trust the results of your tests.

Trusting our results is actually why we go back to compliance in between reintroduction tests. This makes sure we're working from baseline (or judging against the control) every single time. It's also why it's better to give an extra day or two after really bad reactions, just to make sure you fully recover before initiating another test.

So if you accidentally ingest something, I generally suggest making sure you get a full 4 weeks (or 30 days) of compliance before starting in on the reintroduction process. Call it whatever you'd like, so long as you're able to trust your reintro results. But definitely don't feel guilty or think you've failed, or anything else negative.

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