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Re-Intro Soon... Words of wisdom for someone with negative body issues, please!


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Hi W30 Community!

Today is day 29 for me and I'll be starting re-introduction soon. This is actually my 4th Whole30, but with the last three I didn't get to doing a real re-introduction because of poor timing. i.e. ending Whole30 right before my sisters bachelorette trip to the bahamas... and then again before her wedding. SMH. Anyway, this time around, I've timed it perfectly so I can actually do a re-introduction and get serious about finding my food freedom. I've struggled my whole life with really negative body image and I'm currently seeing a counselor about it because food is really hard for me. In the past, I've had minor eating disorders because I didn't think I could be pretty unless I was skinny, which I've never been. 

I'm excited about re-introduction and food freedom... but I am very anxious. I'm very scared that I'll just fall into the same old cycle of poor eating habits and negative self-talk. If there's anyone out there who can relate with some words of wisdom, I'd really appreciate it! 

Love you all <3

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Hi @azn.am90 - you are definitely not alone in that. Food freedom and reintroduction can be scary and honestly, it can be a slippery slope for a lot of us. I would recommend you separate the two. Reintroduction is specifically about finding what foods work for you and which ones do not and assessing your reaction. Some foods you reintroduce may cause feelings of desire for poor eating habits and that's worth noting.

When you are done reintroductions, you get to design your own eating plan. Do this in a more structured way if you need to (ie, write your own program rules) and then you really just practice food freedom. Use your own rules as the baseline for food freedom and then if you feel you need a kick in the pants down the road, come back to Whole30 again. You'll find by practicing, it gets easier. But of course remember, no one gets it totally right just out of the gate. Be nice to yourself!

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