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Unquenchable thirst and constant urination

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Love the program, on day 22 and been following it perfectly, no slips whatsoever

feel great except i have an unquenchable thirst; like i have not stopped drinking all day and i still feel parched 

this happened on days 3 & 4 and I figured my body was just adjusting to a different sodium intake

but now its back on day 22 and worse than ever

I even checked my blood sugar level as I know hyperglycemia can cause this, but I'm in the norm at 97

I've never experienced this before

Does anybody know what might be going on???

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My guess is that you have inadvertently (or purposely) gone too low-carb. Whole30 is naturally a lower carbohydrate plan which means that sometimes people can suffer the effects of that if they are not including enough carbs. We recommend that folks DO include starchy veggies and some fruits in their meals. Our recommendation is to start with at least a fist sized serving of starchy veggie per day and 0-2 fist sized servings of fruit each day. Prioritize the starchy veggie over the fruits.


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