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Exercise and the extra food

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It's hard to say exactly, you can definitely try having them or not having them, or if you're doing different types of workouts on different days, some days you may need something and other days you may not. 

Pre-workout is most important if you work out first thing in the morning, or if it's been several hours since you ate when you work out. If you work out mid-morning, a couple of hours after breakfast, for instance, you may not need a pre-workout if you're not feeling hungry and if you get through your workout okay without it. If you work out first thing in the morning, we recommend eating within an hour of waking up, so you'll probably want to have something. And if you're hungry or feel that you'll need some food to get through your workout, then have something pre-wo. 

Here's a good explanation of post-wo:  http://whole9life.com/2015/02/eat-post-workout/.  

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