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Round 2 - Day 3 - what time is it again?

Lorna from Canada

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I think I'll get KATT from hetlag - barked at some sweet young thing in the gym who thought she should take all the weights to her workout area. She spent the rest of our gym time together apologizing to me (like a good Canadian) - I'm usually nicer - blaming it on jet lag.

I wasn't going to the gym during my first W30 - was in the middle of a post-surgical foot recovery and didn't get back to the gym until I got to Australia in February. I'm feeling strong again after those first few weeks of DOMS and regret - toxic cocktail that mix! I hope by the end of this W30 I'll be back running - depends on my post surgical left foot and on my cranky plantar fasciitis right foot (my feet are terrible). I haven't run since October - missing it like crazy (did I mention I'm a marathoner?) but don't want to screw up my return to full health by doing too much too soon.

Breakfast was 3 eggs, 3 dates and a Tbsp of almond butter. Not a template meal but my jet-lagged gut isn't up for anything else. A couple more days and I'll be right as rain.

Alright - let's do this day 3 thing!!

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