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Sweet Mother of Chickpeas - in Baba Ganoush???

Lorna from Canada

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I made the classic mistake of misreading a label. Usually I make my own baba ganoush but, recovering from jet lag, I decided to buy some. Checked the label - all good - i've been eating it all week...

I looked at the label again today - 

The FIRST ingredient is chickpeas.


So, I can blame jet lag for not reading well - I clearly started at the word eggplant on the list and ignored the FIRST ingredient altogether... but, who puts chickpeas is baba ganoush? That makes it baba ganoush hummus in my estimation. 

This also probably explains why my gut has been upset off and on all week. I never did reintroduce legumes after my last W30 so, this has been a legume overdose. I already know legumes are problematic for me.

So - back to square one... I'm leaving for a 4 day business trip tomorrow that I already knew was going to be a challenge. I'm going to restart my W30 on Friday - yes, I know it's Easter but I have no concerns about that whatsoever so...

W30 #2 SUPERFAIL - ever onwards though. Yes, I threw out the rest of the so-called baba ganoush. I will make my own and read labels more carefully from this point forward.

See ya'll on Friday for W30 v2.1


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Funny story (sorry if I've told you before!) - I was going through the checkout once and saw eggplant on sale. I grabbed some and said to my friend I was going to make Babaganoush. The girl at the checkout said "what did you just say?" in quite an offended manner. I repeated myself and she tells me that Babaganoush is HER word and SHE made it up as a pet name for her boyfriend. Trying not to laugh the poor girl into the ground, my friend and I had to explain to her that she's been calling her boyfriend "Eggplant Dip" as a honey-name for a year.

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