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Need snack ideas !

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Hello everyone! 

I have reactive hypoglycemia and for now can't seem to be able to stop my snack even though I am on day 21. If I don't snack my heart will be pounding, I get brain fog and tired and shaky. 

The forum suggested snacks with protein and veggies or protein and fat. 

I cannot have eggs because I have an intolerance so can I have some ideas of good snacks ?



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I tend to keep quite a few snack-like items at my desk or in my backpack for when hiking. Here are some of my favorites: 

  • Olives (I keep a jar of Castelvetrano olives at my desk and Olove packets in my backpack)
  • Packets of tuna (I like Safe Catch, which I buy online)
  • Chomp sticks
  • True Story turkey snack packs (I can get these at my local Costco)
  • Coconut butter (I buy Artisana Organics because they come in snack packs)

Unfortunately, these items are kinda expensive, so I do acknowledge that there is a certain privilege in being able to afford these... Other options (which I often keep around for pre- and post-workout meals) are things like cubed chicken breast and cubed sweet potato. You can make a batch early in the week and eat them when you need them! 

I hope these help and wish you the best of luck! 


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