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Stephhh's Accountability Log


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Hello! I've done several W30s or partial W30s over the last 4 years or so as I so very slowly heal my gut and figure out what my body needs and what it dislikes. This round was inspired by my sister-in-law, but it'll be helpful for me too. I finished grad school in December and over the last many months of school I was made very aware that I stress eat. A LOT! Now I have much less stress, but I still rely on it like a crutch....like I have no other tools for managing stress than eating chocolate, wine, and GF cookies. So, I welcome the healing that comes with this process, but for the first time I also really welcome addressing my relationship with food. And my relationship with stress.

Day 1

Pre workout snack: 1/2 RxBar
Post workout snack: 2 hardboiled eggs, strawberries
B: Coffee with canned coconut milk, chicken breast with Tessemae dressing, steamed carrots, olive oil
L: Tuna salad with homemade mayo, jicama
D: Thai zucchini noodles with salmon and sesame almond ginger sauce (From Paleo Power Bowls. This was GOOD.)

I forgot about the pre/post workout meal thing, so I was super unprepared. After having eggs at 7:30am, I didn't want to then have them again for breakfast, so my breakfast was a hodge podge of other items I had in the fridge. And I am shocked by how much I thought about gum today. Yes, I also chew gum when I'm stressed.

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Day 2

PWO - Chicken breast, strawberries
B - Veggie scramble with onion, red cabbage, and avocado; sliced cucumber
L - Chicken salad, olives, jicama
Snack - Cashews, strawberries
D - Thai zucchini noodles with salmon and sesame almond ginger sauce, avocado, La Croix

Had a bit of a rough stretch in the middle of the day...Made breakfast and then had to get on a video conference call before I could eat. The call lasted 2.5 hours and I was HUNGRY by the end of it. Won't do that again. 

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