Starting April 22nd Hopefully to help eczema


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Hey Gang,

I was diagnosed with eczema for the first time at the age of 43. What?! I kept insisting to my dermatologist that it is not what it was, as if I would know what eczema was having never even seen it. I am a few years later after some half attempts at giving up dairy, nightshades etc...eczema is bleeding, itchy and painful. Any helpful tips regarding eczema are welcome. Wish me luck.


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Hi @theya - skin issues such as eczema are very often caused from food intolerances such as dairy. The thing with resolving them is patience. Many skin issues can take 21+ days to start resolving. 

I have suffered w/ eczema for years. Dairy causes flare ups that take 14-21 days to resolve. I will usually use the medicated cream from the doctor while waiting for the rash to heal. Acidic foods also bother me; namely if I eat too much citrus, strawberries or kiwi. 

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